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Olive Pruning and Wall Repairing

There’s lots of work going on here at Quinta dos Covões this month.

There are a couple of fantastic local guys here pruning the very overgrown olive trees to get them back into production.

Also there’s a digger and two men repairing the tallest wall that suffered a collapse at some point in the past.  The bee hives are going to be installed on the terrace immediately above the newly-repaired wall, just in time for the Monthly Bee Keeping Course with Harald Hafner (still space for 3 more people on the course if you want to come!).  This wall catches and stores a lot of heat from the sun and gives good protection from frost, I’ve already planted some citrus at the other end, nearest the house.  This end does get some frost but I’m contemplating building a greenhouse off the wall here.


Next job to start is fencing the quinta, the plans are to repair the wooden post & rail fencing  (adding wire stock fencing) down one side of the boundary, and raise the height of the stone wall (at present just one row of stones) down the other boundary line, re-using the granite posts from vines that are long-gone as the posts to attach stock fencing above the wall.

Once this is all done I can get on with planting along the boundary lines 🙂





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