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New, new, new…


After a few weeks of rainy, windy, stormy days, finally November arrived in Portugal with a glorious and warm sunshine. Perfectly combined with the autumnal colors, lovely flowers everywhere are making our gardens colourful and happy and we can still hear busy bees here and there. Like a busy bee is what I feel myself lately, but so happy!

I have been trying to combine my work on Pure Portugal with my “gardens work” and renovation works on our new / future home. After a few years searching, we finally found a “rent-to-buy” property in this area. It is a lovely basically habitable house with more than enough land for our gardens, agriculture, lots of trees, a little pinewood, and wide terraces to see our kids running/playing free. It is a dream come true!

The house was not exactly ready to move in, despite having electricity and water connected, and a roof over our heads. We wanted to make some improvements mainly just for our self- comfort. So… we made a little demolitions to turn the kids room wider, got rid of the old (very old) parquet floor and placed a new one, new painting on every walls and ceilings. Scrub, scrub, scrub was what the house needed most after a few months closed. There is still some small works to be done specially in the kitchen, and stairs…


We cant wait to start 2016 in our new home!


2 thoughts on “New, new, new…

  1. Hi, I like the sound of the ‘rent to buy’ is this quite common, how would you go on finding property like this? Many thanks Louise

    1. Hi Louise, Thank you for your comment! Well, It wasn´t easy, we were “waiting” for this to happen for a long time and it is funny it happened when I was not expecting. For a long time we used to ask to the agents and owners who had properties for sale for the possibility os “rent to buy” and for a long time we had negative replies. I dont want to discourage you, I think is always possibe, as it happened for us, but is not easy, persistence and luck, I guess!

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