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New Girl on the Team: Deborah

Deborah is joining the team to build new relationships with like minded people and organisations in Portugal and support them in marketing their events, courses and education programmes through Pure Portugal. She is building Pure Portugal as a hub for sharing knowledge and to connect people to the inspirational work that is happening around the country.

“I was born in England with a background in advertising which moved to supporting corporates through constellation coaching and conflict resolution. Along this time I also become a yoga and shamanic practitioner and ran retreats. I am constantly fascinated by people and myself and how we can live at our optimum potential: physically, mentally and spiritually.

We have land near Serra Da Estela called Quinta Das Abelhas, HoneyBee Farm in English. I believe the role of humans is to be guardians of nature, which is what has led me to be here in Portugal. Our vision is to create a sustainable community and collaborate with our neighbours and projects around the world.

Our first step in 2017 is to support the bees and to create a sanctuary for them to thrive. Over the coming years we will focus on renewable energy, natural building, seed saving, reforestion and food production. We see our land as a place to celebrate the cycles of nature and to dream a new reality into being by constantly acting in new ways to transform the global challenges we are facing.

I also love to dance, hike and run and really want to learn to ride a horse.”

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2 thoughts on “New Girl on the Team: Deborah

  1. A promising addition for sure. Still, and this might be nitpicking, I wish people would stop calling women girls….

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