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My Little Casa – Alentejo Discovery


Thanks to author, Lee Middlenam who mentioned Pure Portugal in his recent book – My Little Casa, as thanks to us for being a part of his journey.  Here you can read a little more from Paul about his book which is available to buy on Amazon now!

Deep in the rich and diverse agricultural heartlands of the Alentejo region in Portugal, villagers were going about their simple everyday life, with some tending to their farms, while others dine with their families feasting on the locally grown produce below the sunny, deep blue skies, surrounded by steep cone shaped hills and wide open planes, while the animals graze anxiously on the thick lush grass. Back in London however, an adventurous character had spontaneously decided to suddenly buy a property deep in the wilds of Portugal, without ever visiting the region, never driving abroad, never flying alone and with absolutely no knowledge of the property buying process in a foreign land.  On this fine Sunday morning the dream was born and this would suddenly start to flourish into reality as a bid was accepted.  At that point the reality dawned, but any negative thoughts were quickly replaced by dreams of adventure on another one of life’s little journeys in this quiet, tranquil little village yet close enough to an energetic and unspoilt natural coastline, where the power of nature leaves you feeling overwhelmed as the powerful swells of the Atlantic comes crashing in to the formation of works scattered around the golden beaches, sending white water cascading across the soft sand.  With this in mind what could possibly go wrong you have to wonder?

Not only is this a book of adventure but this really helps to inspire others to follow their dreams as it takes to through the entire journey from the start to the end with a few little twists and turns along the way.

What the critics said!

‘Was an amazing story, it makes you feel that anything is possible and really inspires others to follow their own dreams and embark on their own little adventure. After my own journey to this beautiful region some years previously you could see, touch, hear, smell and taste which was simply amazing due to the wonderful yet descriptive use of words. What an ideal holiday book, it really makes you question what’s important in life and leaves you feeling underachieved regardless of how successful you have become, it’s the simple things in life that count. Vale de Santiago really embraces that simple life.’



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