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Mortgage lowdown by Jerremy Klingers

Dear Reader,

My name is Jerremy Klingers. I was born and raised in the Netherlands but also have Portuguese nationality from my mother’s side. I made the decision to emigrate from the Netherlands to Portugal (near Faro) in August 2019. I joined Mortgage Direct a month later and enjoy being part of a great team.

I have an in-depth knowledge of the Portuguese banking system and have created some invaluable and excellent contacts. I speak Dutch, English and Portuguese and communicate well in each language.



We are licensed by the Bank of Portugal to operate in the mortgage industry, I have passed the Spanish mortgage broker exam (a legal requirement to give mortgage advice in Spain) and have successfully completed several Management & Sales training and qualifications. Having worked in Sales & Management in the Netherlands since the age of 16, I have a genuine understanding of how to deliver service to my clients, to discover and fulfil their needs and to build enduring and trustworthy relationships. I love what I do and the warm reviews and stories I have received from my clients are a huge motivation. I wanted to move to Portugal to be closer to family and to enjoy better weather and quality of life. The fact that I could help Mortgage Direct grow its presence in Portugal was a big bonus.

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About Mortgages in Portugal:
How to approach your mortgage in Portugal. We first start by assessing your financial profile to study your possibilities. This is free of charge and without any obligation. We can base the application on your current income profile (employed, self-employed or rental income). If you do not pay Portuguese taxes already (non-residents), the maximum loan size is usually 70% and in very special circumstances 80%. You will also need funds to cover the fees and taxes relating to both the property and the mortgage. We advise allowing a figure of around 10% of the property price to cover these. Banks usually lend up to the age of 75 or with a maximum of a 30-year term (whichever is first).

In Portugal there is only one mortgage product which is annuity mortgage (or capital and repayment). There are 3 different rates to choose from, fully variable, fully fixed or hybrid (where you will start with a fixed rate and after receive a variable term. The rates are always conditioned to the Euribor, and banks do not reserve them until 2 weeks prior to completion.

Why Mortgage Direct?
We have researched the mortgage market in Portugal extensively and via our network of banking contacts, we can provide you with a superior service, introducing the best deals from the banks and shorter lead times. Mortgage Direct has been trading since 2006 and is licensed by the Bank of Portugal and offer you a personal service throughout.

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