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Marmite, Baked Beans, and Books

After more than 10 years in Portugal, my need for marmite and baked beans has long gone.

However, I still can’t live without English-language books.  Every trip back to England will find me browsing the charity shop shelves whilst trying to calculate airline baggage weight allowances. I usually travel to the UK with just one change of clothes and an otherwise empty suitcase, to make room for charity shop purchases of new clothes and new reading material.

Other times you’ll find me browsing Amazon (yes, I know).  They often have a 3 Paperbacks for £10 offer and I’ll indulge in taking full advantage of it, often fairly spontaneously choosing books without reading too much about them, as for me this just adds to the fun of starting a new story.  These are the 6 books I have just ordered:


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