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Living the Good Life: Heidi

Hello fellow Pure Portugal fans!

I’m Heidi, you may know me from the Pure Portugal facebook group.

I’ve had a long love affair with Portugal since 1980’s, but it was finding the Pure Portugal website a couple of years ago that made me think about it differently. Discovering that people, even single women, were making a life over there in the countryside, in touch with nature, was inspirational.

Currently I’m still bringing up children in the UK but I’m taking small steps in the right direction. Left my corporate career and set up as a marketing consultant ( and bought a virtual receptionist business ( both of which are location independent businesses so I can work anywhere. My 3 daughters came on holiday to Lousa in 2016 and they loved Portugal too so I have approval but I won’t move until they have all finished their education.

I’ve been lucky enough to get involved with the lovely Pure Portugal team as their social media coordinator which is a great excuse to hang out on Facebook. I’m learning everyday, making connections and being inspired by people’s wonderful stories.

As a DIY enthusiast, I’d love to renovate a beautiful old house bring it back to life, grow veggies, keep bees and a dog or two. I’m saving up and will be making my dream of Living the Good Life in Portugal a future reality!

See you on Facebook.

Heidi x

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