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Living In Portugal

Here you will find all sorts of articles on all things that come with living in Portugal, from getting residency, to licensing buildings, healthcare & much more – This is a big & varied topic, so if we have missed anything please email us on & ask for more help.

We also have a fabulous services directory which has vetted experts and Pure Portugal partners who can help in all areas of property buying in Portugal & we also have a brand new members Facebook group called Pure Portugal Plus which has interviews & webinars for all aspects of buying (find out more here)

GETTING RESIDENCY – Find out about the steps you take to become a resident in Portugal

WATCH OUR VIDEO with Tig James of British In Portugal who works alongside the British Embassy & answered questions from the community about getting residency in Portugal (relevant to all European citizens including British people until December when Brexit happens) Click here for video

TAX FAQ – Some common questions answered

SETTLING IN – We share our top tips to help you settle into your new life

UK INHERITANCE TAX FAQ – Unlike other taxes IHT does not apply to everyone the same way

ENGLISH BEAUROCRACY– Changing your address & putting bills in your name

YOUR DRIVERS LICENCE IN PORTUGAL – Do you need to change your licence?

NATIONAL HOLIDAYS & IMPORTANT DATES – Keep up to date with celebrations

HOW TO LICENCE A NEW BUILD – A great guide to help you ensure a new building in Portugal is legal

OFF GRID WATER – The Mud Home Shares Their Experiences of Life with Off-Grid Water

SPEAKING ENGLISH – Learn some common sentences and words

OTHER PEOPLES STORIES – We meet inspiring people who have already made the move to Portugal



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