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Living In Portugal – Inland Central Portugal

It seems a lot of visitors to Portugal never make it inland in Portugal, those who do consider Central Portugal to be the ‘real’ Portugal. It has a village called Monsanto which was voted as the most Portuguese village in Portugal so maybe there is a lot of truth in this! (read more about Monsanto here).

Central Portugal is scenic and beautiful, there are broad, winding rivers, river beaches, lakes and rolling hills, the air is pure and much of the region is watched over by the Serra da Estrela Mountains (where you can even ski in winter!)

The Central Portugal region also covers coastal areas but to make things simple we split it up to inland and Silver Coast. For details on the coastal central region see our article about the Silver Coast here.

Coimbra – An ancient university town which is rich in history. Stroll along the riverside, listen to Fado and admire the architecture which dates back to Roman times.

Castelo Branco – Home to a Templar castle and the beautiful Bishop’s Palace garden which is a Baroque garden with lanes and fountains, it is hard to believe you are even in a city when relaxing here. Surrounding towns and villages include the friendly Penamacor (famed for its Madeiro fire and festas at Christmas) which has a great community feel and is increasingly loved by people wanting to live an alternative lifestyle. Read more about Penamacor Christmas festas here.

Guarda – Set in the Serra da Estrela mountains and famed for its Archaeological Park of Foz Côa – which is a protected site with one of the largest collections of Palaeolithic art in Europe.

Óbidos – Only 1 hour drive from Lisbon, this beautiful city is encircled with imposing medieval walls (you can take a walk along them for amazing views!), whitewashed houses and traditional cobbled streets. Famed for it’s medieval festa each year (read more about this here)

Leiria – This part of Portugal crosses the Central Inland and Silver Coast regions so we have added it here as well as Silver Coast Portugal. Leiria A typically picturesque town close to the river. If you visit this area we highly recommend you stop at the centre to see the Leiria Cathedral. Find out about the beautiful Mira de Aire caves a short drive towards the coast here.

Viseu – Right in the centre of Portugal, thought of as one of the best cities to live in Portugal, encompassed by rolling hills and known well for its Cathedral which is one of the most important monuments in the city.

Covilhã – Loacted in the Serra da Estrela mountains, this is a truly quiant little place, which feels far too peaceful to be a city, the last main stop before you reach the mountain side ski slopes, here you can buy beautiful handmade wool products and its famous local goat cheese. Find out more about the Serra da Estrala mountains in our blog here.

Tomar – The historic town of Tomar is set along the banks of the Nabão River and filled with ancient churches, cobbled streets and traditional houses. Rightly known as a jewel in the crown of Central Portugal, Tomar offers a true key destination to visit, bursting with stunning architecture and surrounding lush mountains. Find out more here.

You can also find out more about Central Portugal in our blog called Hidden Treasures In Central Portugal here.

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