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Living In Portugal – Coastal Central Portugal

The Silver Coast is located in the central region of Portugal with 150km of coastline. A great alternative to the Algarve for people looking for a lifestyle by the sea.

The weather here is not always as idyllic or settled as can be found in the Algarve but unspoilt coastlines and bustling little villages and towns can be found in plentiful supply and prices for property here are as a rule, still notably lower than in the Southern/Algarve area.

The Central Portugal region also covers inland areas but to make things simple we split it up to inland and Silver Coast. For details on the coastal central region see our article about the Inland Central Portugal here.

Figueira da Foz – Is a city with a huge stretch of sandy beaches and many historic monuments. Very popular among beach lovers.

Peniche – Another city with beautiful beaches which draw in surfers from far and wide. Also well known for its incredible seafood, make a stop at the Costa Nova fish market where you can buy the catch of the day straight off the boat if you find yourself near Peniche.

Nazaré – The big wave spot, fast becoming known and famed as one of the best big wave surfing spots in the world, home to one of the big wave competitions in winter, head to Praia do Norte beach to see waves that will take your breath away. It is not all high adrenaline action though, the long stretch of beach is wonderful to laze the day away, and beautiful craft shops and eateries can be found in the main town itself. Be sure to stop by at the lovely Gelatomania for the biggest ice creams you’ve ever seen!

Leiria – This part of Portugal crosses the Central Inland and Silver Coast regions so we have added it here as well as Inland Central Portugal Leiria. A typically picturesque town close to the river. If you visit this area we highly recommend you stop at the centre to see the Leiria Cathedral. Find out about the beautiful Mira de Aire caves a short drive towards the coast here.

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