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Latest Sales – February


Here is a selection of Pure Portugal properties SOLD last month. If you missed out on these opportunities, you can find some similar listings following the links below each image.

SOLD! DCG130: Moinho da Fadagosa
Windmill House (63m2) and Miller`s House, both fully renovated. 3.8 hectares land bordering a pure water stream. Very private. Tourism business opportunity. 130,000 euros

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SOLD! ANB38: Terreno em Escaramouços
Land with rural construction and an annex in granite. Land with 3 wells, irrigation tanks and a variety of cork and fruit trees. 38,500 euros

Similar properties:

DAT21: Quinta da Oliveira: Ruin in need of reconstruction + wooden shed and caravan. 1,5ha land. Peaceful location with great views. 21,000 euros

GDO22: Olival do Senhor Plot: 1.2ha land with olive grove and a rural construction bordering a river. 22,500 euros

GDO23: Salgueiro Plot: Urban construction with 44m2 in land with 1.4ha with olive grove, fruit trees and two wells. 23,000 euros

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SOLD! GPF42: Watermill River Resort
Picturesque River Plot for mobile home, prefab house or Yurt tent, with 2 ruins of total 161m2 habitation space to rebuild. 2,000m2 land with trees, meadow, private river beach. Excellent location. 29,000 euros

Similar properties:

CASE22: Moinho de Água: Old mill flanked by two water streams in sunny land with forest and cultivation area. 22,500 euros

LNG26-1: Rustic Land: Small ruin with mountain views, in a large property of 6.6ha land with a small river. 26,500 euros

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