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Latest Property Sales

Here is a selection of Pure Portugal properties SOLD last month. If you missed out on these opportunities, you can find some similar listings following the links below each image.

SOLD! RUR95: Mação Smallholding
3 bedroom house with annexes in 1.8ha land with grape vines and fruit trees in flat land with plenty of water. 95,000 euros

Similar Properties:

JVAL62: Quinta Vinícola: Two houses on 2.5ha land with grape vines, fruit and olive trees. 62,000 euros

RUGO125: Quinta dos Choes Stone house plus annexe house and 2 garages on 9,000m2 land with vineyard, olive grove and several fruit trees. Village location, great access! 125,000 euros.

HDP110: Lugar das Varzeas Ready to move into 3 bedroom shist house with 2ha land in a beautiful green valley. 110,000 euros

SOLD! POR165: Casa Abrunheiro
3 bedroom house with guest annexe on 1,200m2 land. 155,000 euros

Similar Properties:

JIM105: Alentejo Cottage 2 bedroom typical Alentejo stone cottage, outbuildings, fruit and olive trees, plenty of water. 100,000 euros

MCK100: Family Home Two storey detached house in a quiet village wtih garden and panoramic views. 100,000 euros

CAM135: Coutada 2 bedroom stone house with workshop and 2,730m2 garden. 120,000 euros

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SOLD! LNG45: Freixial Plot
6.68ha rustic plot bordered by a stream with 2 dams with own water spring, several trees and some ruins. 39,000 euros

Similar Properties:

LNG26-1: Rustic Land Small ruin with mountain views in a large property of 6.6ha with a small river. 26,500 euros

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SOLD! ESF45-3: Patio House
2 bedroom stone house, recently renovated, in a peaceful location. 45,000 euros

Similar Properties:

MAG45: Loureiro Quinta 3 bedroom house, ready to move into, located in a picturesque village. 45,000 euros

JRA44: Rustic Village House 93m2 stone village house with 765m2 walled land. 44,000 euros

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SOLD! LEE27: Terra da Mina
Land with pond and open spring fed well, forest and pasture area with beautiful views. 27,540 euros

Similar Properties:

MIR33: Quinta do Lago 3ha land, lake with spring and some cork oaks 33,500 euros

CASE40: Perais Rustic Land Rustic land with fruit tree, 2 ponds, water well and shed. Possibility to site a “Tiny Home”. 40,000 euros

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SOLD! ANB34: Tapada do Prado
2.1ha flat and fertile land with mature olive trees, fruit trees and a granite construction. 34,750 euros

Similar Properties:

ROB29: 3.5ha Quinta 3.5ha quinta with ruin of an old agricultural building on the hills of the Mondego valley. 29,500 euros

GDO23: Salgueiro Plot Urban construction of 44m2 in a plot of 1.4ha with olive grove, fruit trees, and two wells. 23,000 euros

DAT21: Quinta da Oliveira Ruin in need of reconstruction plus wooden shed and caravan on 1.5ha land in a peaceful location with great views. 21,000 euros

LNG26: Centennial Oaks Stone construction in fertile land with oak, olive and fruit trees, 3 wells and a spring. 25,000 euros

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SOLD! RUR90: Rural House

Similar Properties:

IMO92: Rock House Renovated rustic house with traditional granary and threshing floor, plus an outbuilding built into boulders. 92,500 euros

ESF74: Lomba House Fully renovated stone village house with 2 bedrooms and 890m2 flat land. 74,500 euros

IMO99-1: Casa de xisto no Paiva Rustic shist stone house with land. Excellent sun exposure and panoramic views. 87,500 euros

GDO69: Stone Villa Totally restored stone village cottage on 1,000m2 land with olive trees. 59,000 euros

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