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Kings Day in Portugal (Dia de Reis)

Kings Day (Dia de Reis) in Portugal falls on January 6th, it is a day steeped in history and tradition, marking the end of Christmas festivities and the beginning of a new year filled with hope and joy.

Historical Significance:

Kings Day in Portugal marks the adoration of baby Jesus by the Three Kings (sometimes known as the wise men) who travelled across the desert for 12 days to get to Bethlehem, they represented Europe, Arabia and Africa and travelled by horse, camel and elephant to present baby Jesus with three gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh..

Local Celebrations:
Every corner of Portugal, from the cobbled streets of Porto to the sun-kissed shores of the Algarve, comes alive on Dia de Reis. Each region brings its unique flavour to the celebration. From vibrant parades to heartfelt renditions of traditional ‘Janeiras’ songs, the spirit of community and festivity is palpable.

Bolo Rei:
No Kings Day in Portugal is complete without the iconic Bolo Rei, a sweet cake with a hole in the centre, filled with dried and candied fruits, symbolizing the crown of the Kings. Make your own using this recipe!

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