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Keeping Fit Through Winter Months

Keeping fit in Portugal is not hard to do thanks to the many days of sunshine and warm weather, however as winter bites the shorter days and rainier weather can mean we find it harder to get out and this means we lose the health benefits that come with being active.

Here are a number of ways you can exercise and keep feeling fit and well.

Get out of the house
You only need to go as far as your garden! To engage in physical activity you really don’t have to go far.  In fact, there are many great ways you get some exercise with friends and family while having fun at the same time. If the weather is right, grab a ball kick it or throw it back and forward, play a game of tag, have a dance party or a hula-hooping contest. During the colder days, there are a lot of winter games you can play in the backyard so you are out in nature and keeping active.

Check out your neighbourhood
Wanting to venture a bit further?! A simple activity such as walking can do wonders for one’s overall health, take walks around the local village or town. If this is not challenging or fun enough, cycling or rollerblading are also great options that will burn those calories and help you stay in shape. You can even engage in these activities right before the sun goes down so you can enjoy the sunset (and tire the kids out before bed).

Work up a sweat with volunteer work
Not all types of volunteer work involve staying inside serving meals or pointing people in the right direction. Portugal has many animal shelters all over the country which are always crying out for volunteers! Cuddling, walking and generally caring for animals while they wait to find their forever homes will not only help your loved ones stay fit, but you will also learn a thing or two about giving back to the community.

Do some exploring
Portugal has some of the best hiking trails in the world, unlike other countries the expanses of unspoilt land means you can explore for miles, spend time in the fresh air, learn more about Mother Nature and work those muscles along the way. You can always look for great hiking trails around you online, and choose where you want to go. Pack a picnic basket, bring your camera and make a day of it.

Clean your home
If the rain has really set in and you don’t want to brave going outside giving your home a winter clean is a great way to get the heartrate up, it probably doesn’t sound like the most interesting family activity, but doing the household chores can actually burn a lot of calories! Put on some music you love to motivate you and get dusting, window washing or cleaning the floors. Young children can join in too and it will give your arms and core work out.

Take a class together
No matter what type of activity you are interested in, there bound to be a course that can teach you how to get better at it. Whether you want to dance, learn Tae Kwon Do, practise yoga or master the art of juggling while standing with one foot behind your back, there is surely a class for it. Therefore, check out programmes you and your family members would be interested in, and do something enjoyable together while getting the physical challenge you desire.

Getting engaged in physical activity doesn’t have to seem like a chore.

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