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Join The PP Service Directory & Share your Skills!

The Pure Portugal Services Directory is now in its third year and has 11 categories offering a broad range of services from wellbeing to finances, architects to builders, marketing & communication services and much more!  Over this time we have seen the demand for these types of skills and services in Portugal grow, and it is now bubbling with new opportunities for people here. We have seen more and more successful collaborations happening, proving it really is possible to make a living here and here at Pure Portugal we feel really proud to be able to support people by enabling work opportunities here in Portugal.



Our ever growing Facebook community is now over 20,000 strong, we have over 2,000 individual visits to the Service Directory every month and a 90% rebook rate for adverts from current advertisers! On top of this we are receiving more and more incredible testimonials about the people in our services directory, meaning their reputations are growing all the time.

The Directory is more then just ‘having an advert on a website’, it is about rural regeneration, business growth, networking and supporting people in their transition to Portugal…It is about celebrating what people can offer, from writing on the blog, sharing ‘How To’ videos and us shouting on social media about what you do. Our most popular blog (written by a building company) has had over 5,000 readers and increases daily along with its’s video which shares vital knowledge to our community.

When you have an advert on our website you can self promote on the community Facebook group, have a reduced rate on our email newsletter and join us for networking at our 2020 live event.

For more details on how to join us, visit our online media pack and email Deborah on


One thought on “Join The PP Service Directory & Share your Skills!

  1. I wanted to ask you, do you have an nvq 3 qualified elderly/ disability/dementia specialist carer in you directory? Is it something that people enquire after? I’ve been caring for over 10 years. I was head of activities and did in house training for care homes and worked across London for a company called super carers as a domicillary carer.
    How much is advertising with yourselves?
    Thank you.

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