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Introducing the Local Heroes – ‘know before you buy’ service!

We are thrilled to be able to announce that after lots of work in the background we have officially launched the Pure Portugal ‘Local Heroes’ service. This is a brand new, nationwide network of hand-picked local property consultants who can visit ‘for sale properties’ on your behalf and check out their development potential at the local Council among many other things.

We have all heard horror stories about those buying property overseas and finding out too late that they have bought a basket-full of problems; that the perfect rural barn with an astonishingly beautiful view cannot be made into a dream home due to zoning restrictions, they now own a house but not the land, that someone else owns part of the building, that the property is in a natural park or water resource area, that the building is too close to the boundary to allow rebuilding … the pitfalls are many and at Pure Portugal we are well aware that a life-affirming experience can be ruined.

Our Local Heroes can find out whether a property is registered, whether it is legal, if it can be extended, whether it can be upgraded and used as a home, whether a barn or stables can be built on the land, the list is a long one and for those unfamiliar with the paperwork and zoning requirements, paying a fee to someone to check all of this out is money well spent.

Local Heroes are independent and always act for YOU, the buyer, protecting your interests and helping you avoid expensive mistakes.

Local Heroes cover the majority of mainland Portugal and São Jorge in the Açores. Click here to find out more about the services on offer!

Contact us on to find one near you.

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