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How To Upgrade A Traditional Portuguese Home

When you own a home, it is common for the building to become outdated and less functional
over time. The different features on the property can start to wear down and may need to be
replaced to make the space more habitable and comfortable. If you want to learn how to
update a traditional home and make it more accommodating to your everyday needs, there are
a few important steps to follow to transform the setting.

Install Energy-saving Appliances
One of the best ways to update your home and keep your costs low is by installing energy-
saving appliances. Although your current refrigerator or dishwasher may still work, the
products may use more energy than necessary to run, which can cause you to spend more
each month. Upgrade to EnergyStar appliances to save hundreds of dollars each year on your
energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

The newer materials used on the appliances will also update the kitchen and laundry room to
ensure the space looks more contemporary. For energy-efficient home solutions, check out
This Electric Home for their great tips to go electric.

Repaint the Interior Setting
Over time, the colors you use in the home can cause the space to look outdated and less trendy than it once was when you designed the setting. Fortunately, repairing each room with a more contemporary color shade can make a significant difference without having to spend a lot of money. Although brown and beige color shades were popular in past years, lighter and more bold colors are now popular to create a cozier setting that feels cleaner. Opt for white, gray, and light blue colors. If you want to add a bold touch to your living room or bedroom, consider painting one of the rooms dark gray or black. The color shade pairs well with gold hardware and creates a luxe and chic look. The colors you choose should coordinate throughout the house to ensure there is a streamlined look and everything flows well. Using different colors in the bathroom or hallways can break up the design of the house and can look awkward.

Use Light Textiles
Although heavy drapes with decorative prints and patterns were once popular, they now make homes look frilly and old. Consider swapping out your bulky window treatments for something more light and airy. Install sheer white curtains, which will allow more natural light into the building and can illuminate each room. With more light pouring through the windows, it can make your home look more cheerful and uplifting. Bamboo Roman shades are also increasing in popularity because they can allow you to adjust how much light comes into the home and are a great replacement for traditional blinds. The shades roll up easily and can allow you to enjoy more of a view of the outdoors.

Update the Lighting
The light fixtures that are present throughout the interior setting are one of the main factors that influence the style of your home. The design and materials used on each light fixture reveal when the item was constructed and if it works within the current trends. Fortunately, updating your home lighting doesn’t have to be expensive and can immediately add a modern touch. Modern lights with clean lights can make the room appear more spacious and open. Installing recessed lighting throughout the kitchen or living room can also offer more illumination and prevent dim areas from being present.

Boost the Curb Appeal
You can also increase the curb appeal of your home to make it look less traditional. The exterior of your house is the first impression you make on your guests, which requires adding a few new materials. Consider adding a few potted plants to the porch. The added color of the flowers will make the house appear cheerful and inviting. Making wood planter boxes is another option, which is easy to do yourself instead of spending hundreds of dollars to purchase them. Painting the exterior of your home with a fresh coat of white paint can allow it to look cleaner and classier. Painting the siding on your building will hide dirt, grime, and blemishes that have accumulated over the years. You can also install shutters or paint the trim black or navy
for added details. The features will add extra character to the building and incorporate a bit of
charm. The front door is one of the main focal points that contribute to the quality of your homes curb appeal. Consider installing a new front door with windows to add a warm and inviting touch. Repainting the existing door and adding new hardware can also transform the feature. Your address numbers and mailbox may also look dingy and old if they are more than 10 years old. Consider installing new features, which are one of the first things people will see when they approach your property. The features should complement each other and be visible from the street. Painting concrete is another update that is easy to do yourself and will allow a lot of the hardscaping to look fresh and new again. The coat of paint can prevent your porch from looking dingy and brighten up the area. Knowing the best ways to upgrade your home and make it look less traditional is key to creating a warm and cozy place to spend time. You can feel more at home in the space and enjoy showing it off to your guests when hosting gatherings and parties.

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