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How to Immerse Yourself in Portuguese Culture: Unveiling the Top 5 Traditions of Local Students

Portugal EducationThe Portuguese culture is all about friendliness and respect, which also shows when it comes to an academic environment. It is a reason why so many exchange students feel at home when they visit Portugal and quickly dive into various ways to learn. The local students also have several traditions that they are eager to share as soon as they engage in a friendly conversation.

Let’s take a peek at the top 5 amazing traditions that make studying in Portugal so much fun and inspiring!





Unveiling the Top 5 Traditions of Local Students
Local students are known for their unique and interesting traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. In this article, we will be unveiling the top 5 traditions that are most popular among local students.

1. The Praxe Académica.
Basically, it’s some activity that every new student can participate in to become a part of the team. No, these do not look like those horror movies where you are asked to spend a night in the middle of a forest. Portuguese students usually become involved in scavenger hunts, quiz games, dances, talent shows, and teamwork, where they learn how to cooperate. If you lack confidence or have homework in the way, consider Trust My Paper as a great way to get things done on time and receive legitimate assistance with your studies, regardless of the time zone. Just remember to have some good old fun, and don´t be afraid!

2. Tracar da Capa Ceremony.
It is a ceremony at the end of an academic year. This is where you start wearing a special suit and cape to show everyone that you are a freshman and belong to an educational institution in Portugal. Walking through all the special shops, you will have lots of fun!

3. Quinta Académica.
They call it an Academic Thursday, where you can visit the local bars, listen to music, and receive lots of food discounts for students. There are many parties that take place around the cities and the villages, so it is a good way to have fun and make new friends.

4. Student Musical Groups.
It is one of the most amazing things when it comes to studying in Portugal. Almost every local student plays a musical instrument, so you will have lots of parties and fun as students will sing all the classic songs and play games. Just think about romantic serenades on campus!

5. Student Baptismo Symbolism.
It´s like you receive your academic godfather and a fairy lady or an academic mother who belongs to senior students and takes care of you. This way, you receive Madrinha and Padrinho, who will help you out with basically anything! It instantly helps to make two new friends on campus! The Practice Called Fitas, also known as the ribbons, it is one of the most prominent traditions in Portugal among students who reach the finals of their studies. Unlike other countries of the world, Portuguese learners take it to another level by sharing these ribbons with friends and family. Once you receive such a “fita” ribbon, you have been given a great honour, so you have to compose a special message and wish the student good luck. Once all the messages have been written, several ribbons are brought back to the student in a special briefcase. It is a special element of finishing your studies in Portugal with the ribbon letters that you can always explore while taking a trip down memory lane.

 BIO: Barbara Freeland loves Portugal with its beautiful landscapes and amazing student communities. As a travelling educator and analyst, she loves to write and share helpful tips. Follow Barbara to take your studies to another level and find inspiration.

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