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How to Choose the Best Places to Stay in Portugal

For many, Portugal is somewhere quite magical and different from other parts of the continent. It has a welcoming attitude to visitors and indeed, people relocating. And, when you consider the fresh seafood, local produce and coastlines it could be one of the perfect destinations for holidays and relocation.

Of course, like anywhere, Portugal has good spots and bad. Choosing the right places to visit or stay takes either experience, luck, or advice from someone else.

To make things easier here are some ways to pick the best places to stay for all manner of types of visitors. 

Holidaymakers and tourists

The vast majority of people traveling through and to Portugal would likely be tourists. This may be local Portuguese, neighbors, or from countries further afield. Regardless, they need to know where to stay.

The Algarve remains highly popular for a holiday in Portugal. Lagos and Sagres are both lively towns perfect for a relaxing vacation. Beautiful beaches and coastlines along with fine food. Of course, if a city visit is more your style you could look at Lisbon or Braga. 

Braga and Lisbon

Brage is a medieval city in the northwest of the country. Football and wine are both popular in this historic city and it is more laid back and less crowded than the capital. This may suit a family more than Lisbon.

However, Lisbon is an extremely popular destination and attracts nearly 5 million tourists each year with its nightlife, architecture, and incredible seafood. When looking for accommodation, Airbnb Lisbon is perfect for finding home comforts on holiday. Hotels have their limitations but renting an apartment or house lets your family relax in a private area while on holiday.


Of course, someone planning to move permanently to Portugal will have different requirements than a holidaymaker. If you are considering a move to Portugal then you will be looking for a place to stay based on many factors including budget, local amenities, and the like. Popular spots for expats remain The Algarve, Lisbon, and the Silver Coast.

If you are on a lower budget and looking for something different The Azores and Porto Santo are two places that might be worth considering. Low-cost living and fewer tourists mean Porto Santo has been largely untouched and is attractive to a potential ex-pat. Alternatively, you could consider buying a holiday home in Portugal and split your time between there and your native country.

Digital nomads

Remote workers might have different needs when choosing an area to live in or stay. There are two types of digital nomad generally, those that move to another country and work remotely from there and others who travel around different countries continually. 3 spots in Portugal could fit in with either of these types of workers.

Porto, Lagos, and Ericeira all offer the digital nomad something special. Porto has everything you want from a big city except in a more laid back style. There is a community of remote workers already established in the city. If you prefer something smaller than Lagos may be the place to choose. The sunny, perfect climate allows a visitor to experience a more authentic stay in Portugal. Lagos has a perfect mix of locals and visitors with a population of only 22,000. Ericeira has beautiful coastlines and incredible surfing. It is also very close to Lisbon – around 40 minutes by car. 

Buying property

When you are on holiday you will of course be renting. This can be in the form of camping, Airbnb, hotels, villas, and houses but if you plan to stay in Portugal for longer then purchasing will start to make sense.

It offers property at more affordable prices than many other European countries and the joy is that a foreigner can make a house purchase in Portugal. Some countries restrict outsiders from buying property and land but Portugal is very welcoming. 


Portugal offers many reasons to visit and plenty to entice you to stay forever. There are far too many wonderful areas in the country to choose but Lisbon and The Algarve remain highly popular. Between the many things to see and do in Lisbon and the incredible beaches and weather of The Algarve, you could enjoy a trip as a family or solo traveller or even live there.

If you have the time then you could plan a route that takes in a few of the spots mentioned over a short period and experience the city, small town, and beach life that Portugal offers

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