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Hot off the press – President rejects proposed law changes for Golden Visa

Jason Swan HolbornAn update for you from Holborn Assets. Against the odds, the President has this morning, vetoed the proposed Golden Visa changes, and sent the decree back to Parliament for amendments. See article here. 

This allows approximately 45 days until the President reassesses, which gives us some much-needed time before the new law will come into effect. However, please note, the Socialist party and in turn the government, will be able to force his hand at this time. So, great news for everyone that is currently in the process of applying for the program – all applications should comfortably be completed before the new laws are implemented.

It also gives a chance to those who haven’t yet started their application, to also beat the deadline. My average time to application over the last couple of months has been 3 weeks. As from a previous update, all applications submitted prior to the date the law changing, will be honoured, and protected under current law and criteria.

Thus meaning, property investment from as low as 280,000 EUR is still permitted. The new law, once implemented, will remove all types of property investment from the criteria to qualify for the golden visa, leaving mainly investment funds with a minimum investment of 500,000 EUR.

Holborn recommends from a selection of qualifying properties in the north, south and islands of Portugal – including Madeira. We carry out a high level of due diligence and maintain a 100% success rate of over 2,000 applications. We have a latest addition of a 4-star hotel on the waterfront in Madeira. The developer offers to pay all transfer taxes for the buyer, 3% rental per year, guaranteed buyback and 7 days free stay – qualifying at 350,000 EUR. You can simply reply for further information.

Considering this news, you’re welcome to request a zoom meeting for any questions you may have. Furthermore, I can provide details of all our recommended, qualifying properties from 280,000 EUR – schedule a video call here.

Jason Swan, Holborn Assets

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