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Hay & Silage

If you aren’t planting your own, it’s a GREAT time to pre-order spring hay. Prices in bulk can be negotiated and you know that really fresh hay is available.

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A few notes to consider –

1)  Find a regular supplier – they will save you when you really need a delivery!

2) Ask about the contents – NOT all hay is equal – native grass, azevem (rye grass), aveia (oat), luzerna (alfalfa) and more.

3)  Nutrition – Think about protein, carbs and mineral content. Many local suppliers don’t lab test for nutrition so knowing what is supposed to be in the bale is really important. To geek out, it matters what you feed your animals and not all food is good for all breeds of stock. ie crude protein, magnesium, iron, etc…

4)  Small bales should be o/a 20KG.  Paying up to 3 Euro for super light bales is not cost effective!

5)  Large bales can be 4 or 6 strings – the difference can be up to 150KG of hay!

6)  Silage is a great alternative but ask if it has been treated for mould and always inspect a delivery for holes, if you find any holes seal them immediately as air will trigger moulding.

7)  3rd cut – expect up to 10% of a large shipment to be very short and really only good for bedding.

8)   Ask questions and be willing to refuse a bad load of hay – Old hay is not a good investment and can be dangerous for animals!

This article includes a recommendation to our own supplier in the Vila Real and Porto area (In November, he saved us after we lost our haybarn in the Nov storm! Fabrício Costa, Unipessoal

As always if you have any questions please ask!

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