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Growing Your Own Food in Portugal: March – Spring’s Awakening

March in Portugal is where the magic of spring truly begins. The soil warms, seeds sprout, and gardens come alive with the promise of a new growing season.

Understanding March in Portugal:
The varied climate across Portugal’s regions now starts to uniformly welcome the spring. Days are longer, and temperatures are rising, creating ideal conditions for a wide variety of crops.

Water and Soil Preparation:
With the increasing warmth, it’s time to ensure your irrigation systems are ready. Continue to enrich the soil with organic matter for robust plant growth.

March Planting Guide:

North Portugal: Plant early potatoes, onions, and continue with leafy greens. Start transplanting seedlings outdoors.

Central Portugal: A great time for planting a variety of vegetables, including tomatoes, beans, and peas.

South Portugal (Algarve): Take advantage of the warm climate to plant summer crops like aubergines and courgettes.

Garden Layout and Planning:
Consider intercropping and companion planting to maximize space and benefit plant growth. Planning now can lead to a bountiful harvest throughout the year.

March is a vibrant and busy month in the Portuguese garden. It’s a time to sow, plant, and nurture, as the garden begins its fruitful journey into the year.

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