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Growing Your Own Food in Portugal: February – Preparing for Spring’s Arrival

February in Portugal is a transitional month, bridging winter’s end and the onset of spring. It’s a time to prepare and anticipate the burgeoning growth ahead.
Understanding February in Portugal:
As the days start to lengthen, there’s an air of expectancy in the garden. The north remains cool, central regions begin to warm up, and the Algarve starts to feel the first hints of spring.
Soil and Water Work:
It’s vital to prepare the soil for early planting. Adding well-rotted compost and manure invigorates the beds. In areas where rain is scarce, check and repair irrigation systems in readiness for the growing season.
February Planting Guide:
North Portugal: Sow hardy greens like lettuce and chard under cover. Start chitting potatoes.
Central Portugal: Begin sowing spring vegetables such as broad beans and continue with root crops.
South Portugal (Algarve): The warmer weather allows for a broader range of vegetables, including tomatoes and peppers in greenhouses.
Wildlife and Pest Management:
This is a good time to think about natural pest control. Encouraging birds, beneficial insects, and using natural barriers can help manage pests.
February is a month of preparation and anticipation. Gardening tasks focus on getting ready for the burst of life that spring will bring to the Portuguese landscape.

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