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Growing Your Own Food in Portugal: April – Spring in Full Swing

April in Portugal is synonymous with spring in full swing. The landscape is alive with growth, offering a plethora of gardening opportunities.
Understanding April in Portugal:
The north enjoys mild temperatures, central regions bask in pleasant warmth, and the south is awash with Mediterranean sun, making this a fantastic month for diverse planting.
Water and Soil Management:
April showers are common, especially in the north, making it essential to manage water effectively. Mulching becomes crucial to retain soil moisture and suppress weeds.
April Planting Guide:
North Portugal: Sow beans, continue with leafy greens, and plant early potatoes.
Central Portugal: Time to transplant tomatoes and start sowing summer crops like peppers and cucumbers.
South Portugal (Algarve): Ideal for planting melons, squash, and continuing with citrus cultivation.
Pest Control and Biodiversity:
Natural pest control becomes vital. Encourage beneficial insects by planting marigolds and nasturtiums. Consider installing bird feeders to attract natural predators.
Now is the time for active planting and nurturing the new life in your garden! Happy Growing!

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