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Furnishing tiny houses: Brilliant ideas for small spaces

Your home is your own peaceful and loving sanctuary no matter the size. Owning a petite home doesn’t have to represent a burden let alone be a problem of any kind, on the contrary, decorating and furnishing a tiny home only represent an invigorating challenge. There are numerous ways to upscale your little piece of heaven and make all the amenities functional and comfortable. Here are some rather nifty ways to spruce up your tiny house and make it a cozy and pleasing place to live in.

Utilize foldable chairs wisely
Even though they mightn’t be as good-looking as you would expect them to be, foldable chairs are pretty handy. In regular households, you would encounter foldable chairs in the garden, however, if you were to place them in the kitchen you would be able to utilize the small area maximally. If you own a small apartment, why not go for a foldable dining table as well? You could easily pull it out, extend and place it when you have a party and entertain without worrying about lack of space later on.

Spruce up the sleeping area
In tiny houses, the sleeping area is usually situated either at lofts, narrowed down in a bunk bed, or placed in the corner of a tiny bedroom. If you do have high ceilings, it would be practical to use up that space and build a low platform with a build-in trundle bed or just get a multi-functional pull-out bed. However, no matter how tiny the space where you sleep is, never compromise on the quality of your mattress. Find out more on how to get the best mattress that would
enable you to have a sound sleep.

Opt for a smart coffee table
If you love inviting people over but you have a tiny living room, there is no need to despair. Nowadays, you can get a practical and stylish coffee table that can serve multiple purposes. For instance, a top-notch lift up coffee table is quite modern and versatile. Next, you can get a coffee table that has a box with a storage area underneath, or have in-built shelves or slide-in drawers to keep your precious books or accessories. With a functional and attractive coffee table, you will be able to store your valuables and not worry about having a cramped space.

Try a DIY Wall mount or convertible desk
Some people are crafty, but others are not. But if you have a mathematically perfect tiny home, you can use up an entire wall to create a much-needed desk without having to break your budget or call a carpenter. Make an easy convertible or fold up table top which you can use as a cocktail bar or as a desk for your laptop once you add a barstool. When you flip down a wall-mounted desk you make extra space for play or dancing.


Get a multi-purpose wall mount desk
On the other hand, if you aren’t that skilled, you can find a luscious and gorgeous all-purpose wall-mount desk. Instead of making one, nowadays this easy and effective tiny-home solution is available at almost any furniture store. Search for a convertible desk that is also mounted to the wall but concealed behind a mirror or fancy picture. When you would it out you would get a neat table which you can use as a computer desk or as an ironing table.

Transform the seating area
If you lack space in your lounge or sitting area, then you may want to transform the bulky furniture into a practical one. If you are a fan of stand-alone armchair or sofa, think convertible chairs again. An ideal item for tiny homes is the convertible lounge chair which can serve as a bed when it is completely folded out, or as a coffee table if it is completely folded. Nevertheless, to upscale your small sitting area get furniture like a convertible sofa (preferably with storage underneath), little nesting tables and so on.

Use up the storage
Storage means everything in a small surrounding. If you are someone who takes great care of yourself, then you would have your clothes and private items meticulously tucked under a trundle bed, on a hidden platform or under the staircase, or get a storage bench to place your items underneath. Using up space you have creatively and diligently, you maximize the free space you have.

Embrace creative and original shelves
Floating shelves may be the most stylish and contemporary piece of furniture to own in your petite home. They are small, utterly space-saving, almost invisible and quite posh. You can scatter the floating shelves all around the room and it will look sophisticated and cute. Another idea is to use wall-mounted or free-standing shelves that come in a wide range of styles and sizes.

The key is in the details and impeccable organization. Utilize the above-mentioned ideas smartly and you would surely get the most out of your tiny home.

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