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FREE TREES: Kim & Nick

Kim and Nick are the latest recipients of free trees for their property purchased via Pure Portugal.
kimnick  kimnick1
We are both in our early 30’s and seem to have different dreams than our friends of the same age, we didn’t want to be stuck in our home country, Belgium, in a life full of stress, work and little time for each other.
A couple of years ago we sold our house in Belgium and started travelling, we went to Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
After spending a lot of time in Thailand, we enjoyed the European way of life and a better climate. We never wanted to go back to the life we had in Belgium, we wanted to live peacefully, close to nature and growing our own fruit and veggies. So we ended up renting in Central Portugal and started property hunting.
Thanks to Pure Portugal we found a Quinta that had everything we wanted, the only thing missing is a house. We did not hesitate and bought the land, and are now planning to build our house.
We love the area (Oliveira do Hospital), it is quiet, beautiful nature, but still close to everything we need, and we have the most amazing neighbours! We look forward to living in our house, enjoying a beautiful sunset every day and living close to nature with our two rescue dogs.
Kim and Nick

One thought on “FREE TREES: Kim & Nick

  1. DID you find it easy to find property to rent or did you stay at a holiday let. We are in the process of selling our uk house and relocating to central portugal. Only worry is that don’t want to be in a fire risk area. Good luck melanie

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