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Free Financial Review with Holborn Assets

Jason Swan HolbornFinding a trusted financial adviser that understands local tax regulations and the investment marketplace can be hard. Holborn Assets are a global, award-winning financial services provider, who specialise working with international clients in over 100 different countries.

Quality financial advice often comes at a cost, but courtesy of PurePortugal, you can claim a financial review with up to two hours professional consultation, for free!

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What are the potential benefits?

There’s nothing to lose from claiming your free financial review, but potentially lots to gain. In the worst-case scenario, your financial adviser will tell you that you’re already in the best financial position with nothing to improve your current situation. More often than not, there will be at least one aspect area of advice to enhance your financial situation. Your consultant will provide you verbally with the options available to you, thereafter to provide you with written recommendations and provider documents. Review your financial goals with the adviser and ask for help on how best to reach them.

The consultation is available to you free of charge in collaboration with Pure Portugal

  • Learn how best to protect your wealth and maximise interest in your country of residence
  • Understand your tax liabilities where your domicile (home-country) and your new country (tax residence)
  • Get access to tax efficient savings, investments and pensions available to you, onshore and offshore
  • Discuss how you can improve your family’s financial position across a range of topics
  • Request information of how best to invest savings as an expat
  • Receive expert advice from someone who understands your local tax regime and saving options
  • No obligation report provide summarising your options in black and white

Who is the service for?

The service is designed for those who have any of the following

  • Expats living in or moving to a new country
  • Annual income from country of domicile and/or country of residence
  • Savings in excess of 25,000 GBP / EUR / USD
  • Existing investments held within the EU or Internationally
  • Ability to save 500 GBP / EUR / USD per month

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One thought on “Free Financial Review with Holborn Assets

  1. Hi there,
    I would really like to know if there is a pension scheme I can pay into in Portugal? I have been living here with my own property and some savings since 2018. I left my job teaching in the UK about 10 years ago as I only taught for about 10 years and so have minimum pension payments. I am 54.
    Any knowledge welcome thankyou.

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