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Fire Resistants – Documentary Film

It gives us great pleasure to share and support the making of this documentary which shares stories of resistance and rebirth following the 2017 Portugal wildfires. Two Italian anthropologists, along with a team of Portuguese filmmakers decided to make a documentary about the new opportunities the fire brought to the lives of five families of the area and also talk about the pulp plantation policies, which are, of course, the main cause of the massive dimension of the wildfires.

Offering an inner look at five families who decided to move to the Beiras region, leave the city life and head to the country to live in nature and raise children in a more free, independent-thinking way. After been being almost wiped away, this community stood their ground and fought back, facing adversity and unifying themselves against the difficulties. 

Five families, five nations, five languages share how it has been possible to rise again from the ashes, turning the tragic event of fire into a positive change in the struggle against fire hazards and the pulp industries extensive plantations.

It is a movie for all those who love Portugal. For all those who love the land. For all those who love. About families, about resistance, about resilience. About plantations, about paper. About fire.
It is about us all.

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Veronica and Andrea

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