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Films And TV Shows To See Before Visiting Portugal

Before departing on an excursion to the enchanting nation of Portugal, immersing yourself in its lifestyle through film can be both enlightening and locking in. Films and TV shows set in this picturesque nation not only showcase stunning landscapes and historic design yet in addition give insights into the Portuguese lifestyle, history, and values. Whether you’re drawn to the dramatic cliffs of the Algarve or the interesting cobbled streets of Lisbon, the accompanying list of movies and series will improve your anticipation and give one more dimension to your experience while visiting Portugal.

Night Train to Lisbon (2013)

Night Train to Lisbon takes viewers on a mystifying excursion that crosses time and memory, seamlessly weaving the historical and the personal. As the protagonist ventures from Switzerland to Lisbon, the film unravels a story of resistance against dictatorship, revealing layers of Portugal’s past. With its insightful story and suggestive visuals of Lisbon’s timeless greatness, this movie is a must-see for anyone contemplating visiting Portugal, offering both a window into the nation’s soul and a remarkably consistent life escapade.

Vidago Palace(2017)

Set during the 1930s, Vidago Palace is a convincing romantic tale amidst the scenery of political disturbance. The TV series takes place in the luxurious Vidago Palace Inn and provides a glimpse into the Portuguese high society of the period, stacked with tastefulness, sentiment, and interest. It offers viewers lush landscapes and an enchanting depiction of the period’s social mores. For those outside of Portugal hoping to watch this historical drama, it might be necessary to install Apple TV VPN, as the show may be subject to regional broadcasting restrictions. Vidago Palace is a splendid addition to any list of must-sit in front of TV shows about Portugal, assisting viewers with connecting with the nation’s grandeur and complex history before they visit.

Mysteries of Lisbon(2011)

Mysteries of Lisbon is a masterful exploration of Portugal’s muddled class dynamics and tumultuous history. This film entwines the stories of various characters across three generations, revealing the secrets and lies that connect respectability and the common individuals. However, it weaves an intricate tapestry of narratives, the center of the story remains fastened to Portugal’s capital. For the full realistic experience, a VPN may be necessary for viewers outside Portugal, permitting them to bypass regional restrictions and watch the film on services like Apple TV. This sensational drama offers an immersive prelude to the significance of storytelling and historical design one can expect to experience in Lisbon.

That Good Night (2017)

Set against the astounding vistas of Portugal’s Algarve coast, That Good Night stars the late John Hurt in one of his last performances. The film portrays the story of a nearly dead essayist seeking to reconcile with his son and shape his legacy as he confronts the finish of his life. To totally see the worth in the film’s gorgeous scenery and emotionally charged story, viewers outside of Portugal would need to set up VPN on Apple TV. Thus, a VPN allows audiences all over the planet to step beyond the confines of regional restrictions and dive into this significant story, absorbing the scenic greatness that they can later investigate in person while visiting the Algarve.

O Sábio(2017)

O Sábio (2017) is a grasping TV series that intertwines drama, wisdom, and the dauntless spirit of human resilience. Set against the multifaceted metropolitan landscape of contemporary Portugal, it weaves together storylines that reveal the complexities of life, the strength of family bonds, and the pursuit of justice. As one of the more late TV shows about Portugal, it provides a real depiction of current Portuguese society, drawing viewers closer to the social heartbeat of the country. The show, accessible on various streaming platforms, frequently requires a VPN for international viewers, ensuring they can join the excursion through the lives and landscapes of current Portugal before stepping foot in the nation itself.


Leaving on a virtual visit to Portugal through its films and TV shows offers a rich prelude to the country’s diverse landscapes and social narratives. For those who favor the seamless streaming experience on their Apple TV, understanding how to set up VPN on Apple TV can concede access to an entire library of Portuguese content that could otherwise be restricted by regional restrictions. Thus, cinephiles and travelers the same can expand their perspectives from the solace of their homes, getting further appreciation and context before they even accumulate their bags for Portugal.

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