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Feira Medieval da Caminha

Today I’m off on holidays!

We’re going to take the camper van “oop north” and visit the Feira Medieval da Caminha, as well as other places along the way, Braga being one of them – and a visit to Inês in Esposende being another!

I’m really looking forward to it, feeling in need of a break, and Portugal’s popular medieval fairs and markets are really worth a visit.  Held in towns with medieval castles, the backdrops to the fairs are both spectacular and authentic.  There’s a huge range of entertainments, from craft stalls, to falconry, to jousting.  The fairs are particularly atmospheric and exciting at night.


There’s always a wide range of food stalls to eat from, as well as the town’s restaurants, and plenty of drink too, much of it served in medieval-style crockery (you can choose to return the crockery to the stall, or pay extra to take it home with you -we bought the pottery mugs that held our sangria last year).

To find out about upcoming Medieval Fairs and Markets, check out

We might also try to fit in a visit to the Festival Folk Celta Ponte da Barca 


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