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Fabulous recent listings #1

If you are a regular follower of Pure Portugal`s website, I am sure you`ve seen all those fabulous properties we`ve been adding to our listings lately. If you didnt.. you dont want to miss it!

580_1There is all kind of interesting properties and I am sure you will fall in love with a few..
A small paradise in the mountains, or a wide property with green fields and meadows where I imagine horses running free. Pure and fresh water running on that water stream. A nice and relaxing summer day by the shade of that imposing tree in that amazing orchard, or olive grove.. A beautiful renovated house ready to move in, an old house waiting for some love and care to be full of live again.

What are your favourites? Where do you picture you saying “Here I could be happy”?

Would you like to.. embark in an off-grid adventure? Design your own permaculture project?
Do you prefer to be secluded or in the edge of a nice and friendly village?


Would you like to build your dream home from that stone ruin, or… you just want to enter and take the best of a “ready to move in”. One, two, three or more bedrooms?… A main house and a separate guests-house? A nice and blue swimming pool?

Traditional, rustic, manor house.. An old house with lots of character and history?


Have a look at my small list of suggestions from the properties added within the last 30 days!

Ruin / Renovation Project

Ready to live in


Under 25,000 euros

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