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Discovering… the good life!

For the last month I have been busy and excited with my new project: developing the new Pure Portugal Holidays website.
I´ve finished recently a very interesting Life Coaching course that help me to take conscience of some important details about “my true self”, and learn some different ways to help people around me to be motivated, peaceful and happy.
Coaching make me understand my guiding values and the small little things that truly matter.


I realise that some “health issues” are requiring my attention, so I decide to try an homeopathic treatment, leaving behind some “old bad habits” and starting to live a more natural and healthy life.
In a few weeks, I completely changed my food habits such as stop eating meat, sugar, cheese, milk, butter, bread and consuming more integral, non-gluten cereals, all types of vegetables, fruits, seeds, algae and mushrooms.
I´m amazed with the healing ability of the plants and the “alternative” ancestral medicine philosophy.
It´s not being easy to change so much in so little time, but I´m feeling very good doing this.


Besides that, I decided to go back to my “Wicca” studies, and get in contact with the “Portuguese Pagan Federation”, in the way to get to know other people with the same interests, and to learn from other people´s experience.


My “day-by-day” life it´s been also very busy! I´m moving in the end of the month, to a new house with a little garden, by the river. My boyfriend and I spent the last weekends painting the walls and putting everything in the right places.
I´m pretty excited with the idea of having a garden with flowers, and going for beautiful walks by the river when the sun goes down, watching the blue water and the fishing boats.


As all we know, “After Halloween, the Christmas bells starts to ring!” This means the winter is coming and it´s time for me to start knitting warm colorful coats, cardigans and sweaters, and receiving the first orders of handmade dolls that “mummies”, aunts, godmothers, and friends always likes to offer as Christmas gifts to their special girls.


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