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Cressida’s House


Cressida, or Cress for short, featured in a recent episode of House Hunters International in which she purchased a property advertised through Pure Portugal.  At the beginning of 2016, Cress left behind her life in London and a corporate job in finance, as she felt it lacked any true purpose.

After volunteering in Chile and learning more about permaculture practices she came back to Europe and found herself in Portugal. The landscape reminded her of her childhood home in Devon and soon enough she felt this was where she was meant to be.

After a short spell in Porto she began her property search for a house that would incorporate all the ideals she visualised, with the hope of inspiring others  to live the permaculture ethos; earth care, people care and fair share. 

Cress is now posting a series of vlogs which follow her as she embarks on a project to renovate her 150 year old traditional stone house in the Coimbra district. We are sharing below her vlogs as they are published so be sure to come back for more updates!

Intro – A Quick Tour


VLOG#1 – Feb 2018 – Ruin Renovation

VLOG#2 – Mar 2018 – Interior Design

VLOG#3 – March 2018 – Ups and Downs

VLOG#4 – April 2018 – Observing The Land

VLOG#5 – April 2018 – What is Permaculture?

VLOG#6 – April 2018 – The Reality Of Renovation

VLOG#7 – April 2018 – Updates On The Renovation

VLOG#8 – May 2018 – Progress!

VLOG#9 – May 2018 – External Rendering

VLOG#10 – July 2018 – Structural Works Completed

VLOG#11 – October 2018 – Amazing Progress!

3 thoughts on “Cressida’s House

  1. First of all CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!! Secondly, THANK YOU. I plan on doing something very similar in the near future and this is giving me an excellent feel to what I will be getting into. I have designed already built homes, but never tackled a ruin, so I am paying attention to your every word. Living in Argentina I am well accustomed to the ¨mañana syndrome¨ and it is true that accepting it and taking it in one´s stride is the sanest approach to it. Also living the experience instead of just hurrying to the end is a very enjoyable part of this enterprize. I look forward to your future blogs. Onwards and upwards !!!

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comments Judith, really glad it is helping to inspire you! Best of luck with your own project too! Clare – Pure Portugal

  2. Hi! We are in Vancouver Canada and just saw the House Hunters show in which you bought your property. We’re wondering how you are doing, and whether you managed to start your business. Do you have a site with updates? We love Portugal and could see visiting one day when this pandemic is done. Be safe! Joanne and Howard and kids

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