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Buying In Portugal

Buying a property in Portugal can feel exciting and daunting all at the same time. The team here at Pure Portugal have purchased property and moved abroad ourselves over the years, so we all know the questions and worries that can come with such a move.

We are a digital advertising platform, this means we are not an estate agent, but we advertise property for private sellers, agents and mediators.

Here you will find a range of articles to help you in various matters, we also have our fabulous services directory which has vetted experts who can help in many areas of property renovation or buying, as well as our new members Facebook group called Pure Portugal Plus which has interviews and webinars from experts in their field (find out more here).

BUYERS GUIDE – the Pure Portugal buyers guide will break down the whole process for you

WHAT PURE PORTUGAL DO – the many different ways we can help!

REAL ESTATE VOCABULARY – find out some of the common Portuguese terms used in advertising here

TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEY – why it is important and how it can help you

MORTGAGE PRE APPROVALS – this mortgage expert explains more

WHERE TO LIVE IN PORTUGAL – not sure where to move too? find out more here

TIPS AND ADVICE FOR BUYING A HOLIDAY HOME – buying a holiday home – this is the article for you!

BUYING A HOUSE VIRTUALLY – One person’s experience of trying to buy virtually

TIPS ON DOWNSIZING – are you looking to downsize when you move over

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