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Bees and Bee Keeping Course

The bees have arrived at Quinta dos Covões!

I didn’t know they were here until I heard a knock at the door and opened it to find Harald there holding out a bee keeper’s suit for me and saying “Do you want to come and watch me open the hives up?”. So off we went, suited up, to release the bees!

I know very little about bees other than they’re entirely fascinating and I really want them on the quinta and to learn more about them. So I’m really excited that Harald Hafner (a very well known expert bee keeper) is going to be running a special English language Bee Keeping course here on the quinta, one day per month for the next 5 months (we still have two spaces left for anyone who wants to sign up last-minute!).

Harald pointed out how the bees immediately started circling around when they came out, orientating themselves to their new location. I was much calmer than I thought I would be, and not at all worried about being attacked or stung – although as the sun wasn’t yet on the hives not that many bees came out (still seemed like a lot to me!).

You can’t really see them in the image, but there were plenty of bees buzzing around when I took this photo.

Harald’s installed six hives in the best spot he could find on the quinta, taking into account many different factors. The absolutely perfect spot for the bees is unfortunately inaccessible with Harald’s van, so we had to choose another. It’s still a good spot for the bees, and as it’s much closer to the house there’s the unplanned bonus that I’m able to see them from the living room window 🙂

Beekeeping course with Harald Hafner from February 2017
One day per month for 5 months.
175 euros for the whole course, vegetarian lunches and refreshments included.


11 thoughts on “Bees and Bee Keeping Course

  1. Someone recently posted in a Portuguese beekeepers group that there are regulations about the siting of hives. Apparently they have to be a minimum of 50m from a road and 100m from a house. Looking at my land I don’t think there’s anywhere I can site hives that satisfy those regulations and provide winter sun for the bees 🙁

  2. Hello me and my partner are here for the rest of the week and wanted to have an experience day of sorts bee keeping. Is this something that is possible? We are in ponta de laga

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you very much for your interest!
      Unfortunately Harald will not be in Portugal during the next 2 weeks. But he will hold another beekeeping course in English though starting the 6th of April. Will post more info soon!

  3. Very interesting article. I would be interested in a beekeeping course in English. I live in eastern Algarve, Tavira so any month would be fine. Could you please let me know if any courses are available.

  4. Ola ?- hello there – I’m very interested to have a few (2-3-4) bee hives of my own as a hobby and safe keeping- I am living in Sao Bras … I have space and safe area for the hives- can someone help/advise me how and where I can purchase a few bee hives. Thanks very much …

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