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Beautiful Looking Houses In Portugal

 When considering moving overseas there are many things to take into account. What are you looking for? Are you dreaming of living next to a beach or is it forests and tranquility you crave? Is it a permanent move or perhaps just for a few months a year.

Portugal has many things to recommend it as a place to move to either permanently or to buy a second home and share your time here and in your native country.

Can you buy property in Portugal?

Before you get too excited at the prospect of moving here or anywhere you need to know if it is possible. Can you actually buy property in Portugal?

The answer is yes, there are no restrictions on foreigners owning one of Portugal’s lovely looking properties. There are some things you will need to do though. You will need to get a Portuguese tax number or NIF. This is available at the local tax office for a small charge. 

Borrowing for property

Portuguese banks will lend to non-residents. They will lend up to 70% of the property value meaning you will need 30% deposit. 

Find yourself a good lawyer

It should go without saying that you need a legal representative but when buying in Portugal the lawyer will help with more. You will need a tax representative in Portugal and your lawyer can help here. Also you will need an address to give to the tax office for correspondence and once again your lawyer can help.

Why move to Portugal?

Now you have seen the basics about buying a house you can look at the more fun and enjoyable aspects of moving to Portugal. 

Quality of life

Voted for and by expats as the best place to live for general quality of life. It is a safe country with a relaxed pace of life along with friendly local people. The climate is perfect and brings hot summers but gentle winters. 

Beautiful looking homes

If you are looking to buy a property somewhere then you could do far worse than Portugal. Not only would you be living in a lovely hot sunny country but the properties are gorgeous too. Although you would hope to stay for years if you do end up selling then taking pictures of the property will be no problem for a professional as they are so beautiful. You can choose from heritage style apartments, refurbishment projects, modern housing or wonderful older style homes. 

Cost of living

Europe is not generally a cheap place to live but Portugal bucks that trend somewhat. It is one of the reasons so many people choose to retire here. It is a great place to choose when deciding where to live while still maintaining a good quality of life. Renting and buying are affordable as is eating out and buying fresh produce and seafood. 

English is spoken widely

Although you may want to get away from it all, if you are British you will soon know that there are around 50,000 expats in Portugal already. Although it is always good to learn the native language if you are living somewhere it is a little reassuring that you will be able to get by in the meantime speaking English. 

Beaches, coast and countryside

Portugal has an amazing landscape. It has mountains, rivers, fantastic beaches and a countryside to explore forever. 

Sustainable countryside living

Although Lisbon is a fantastic capital with everything you may wish for there are many who are looking to live a greener lifestyle. Many move oversees to avoid the rat race. They might be digital nomads or they could just be trying to live a more sustainable way in nature and away from the city.

Portugal has many properties and land available to let people take on their own renovation projects or start small farms. You could invest a relatively small some compared to the UK and build your own beautiful house in Portugal while living off the land. 

In conclusion

Portugal is full of beautiful homes and friendly people. The climate, cost of living and family friendly nature make it a perfect place for digital nomads, retirees and families to move here. There are many options available for someone looking for property here and how you progress would depend on what you and your family need. Is it a city lifestyle you require, or living in the countryside? Perhaps you just want to have a base for winter for a few months when the weather back home is particularly bad. Whatever the reason, there is something for most people in Portugal.

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