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Azores Ecoliving Experience for thriving nomads

Hi Portugal Lovers!

This time our destination is the Azores islands and the reason that moves us is an invitation to live an Ecoliving Experience for Thriving Nomads. They are digital nomads who have projects driven by the impact on the environment and communities.



So, a group of nomads from around the world who work online have been invited to spend two weeks living together, working and visiting the Azores. This proposal came from an eco farm in Ponta Delgada, in São Miguel island, as the Azores is the only archipelago certified as a sustainable tourist destination, making it one of the most sustainable tourism destinations in the whole world!

This green paradise is great for nature and hiking lovers looking for ecotourism and natural landscapes. The interest has increased, especially for eco and mindful tourism and recently the digital nomads are on the top of the markets to attract, as it has great internet connection and a great weather all year round.

So, this eco farm invited us, so that together we can test the concept and suggest ideas before launching it on the market, and promote it.

Quinta do Bom Despacho belongs to a Portuguese couple and it is certified to Gold level by the Green Growth 2050 Global Standard for sustainable tourism, complying with over 400 criteria that speak for their responsibility in Economic, Environmental and Social sustainability.

This is a manor house that combines old and modern style, it has several work spaces, a natural swimming pond designed by the owner, gardens, a barbecue space, library, and a greenhouse where we do several activities. One of the main activities we weekly have is the Focus Group, where we all give feedback about the things we really enjoy on the farm, the ones we would like to see improved to fulfil our needs as digital nomads, in all areas. This feedback has been very useful to the farm, to find a great match to this new market.



So, our community routine on the farm usually starts from 5pm, as we are working during the day on our projects, and in the evening we do activities such as yoga, meditation dance, tai chi, cross fit. We also do hiking around the island together, we had an amazing experience of aqua sound healing and a tour around the sustainable projects in the island. On this tour we have found that there is a big alternative community in the Azores and actually there is a public alternative school, focused on holistic education. It is called Novas Rotas and has been run in the Quinta do Norte, São Miguel island.

One of the best things about being here is the feeling of living in a community with people that care about the same things as we do, and have a similar vision of the world. As the owners of this farm are very into the sustainability subject and very well connected to other projects in the island, they have been great hosts and a big plus for our stay!






Regarding the Azores archipelago, all islands are worth a visit, all of them have beautiful landscapes, lots of cows, water and waterfalls, and welcoming people. The Azores is a very special place and everyone that comes here falls in love with it!

We are very grateful to live and share this whole experience!




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