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Andrea’s Escapades…


It’s been a busy month here in the Serra da Estrela as we prepare for winter. Firewood had to be cut from the old chestnut trees with deadwood and then moved across the farm to the house. This was no mean task in itself, as even my Landrover was spinning on the steep wet slopes and the car nearly went into the river a couple of times!

We have had builders working on one of the houses which meant relocating the goats and chickens to new housing, clearing old tiles and wood to make it safe for them. Unfortunately, the goats escaped a couple of times and ended up in the local village chomping on the neighbours flowers and veggies. I think they may have also had a bit of a romp with a local billy goat as milk production suddenly stopped and they are starting to bulge!

The highlight of this month was the local Castanha Festivals in each village to celebrate the harvest with as much food and drink made from chestnuts. This being Portugal, that had to involve chestnut bread, pancakes, chorizo, cheese and of course chestnut liquors. Whilst being entertained by a chorus of concertina’s and singing locals.

Next month sees our much awaited Mercadinho de Natal in our local village being hosted by the multi-cultural “Estrangeiros”. Stall holders will be offering locally sourced products, seasonal food and of course mulled wine. We plan to celebrate with music, dance and a Christmas movie. And there will be activities for all the children….


2 thoughts on “Andrea’s Escapades…

  1. Wow, it all sounds lovely, where abouts in Portugal are you, we will be property hunting next year in Portugal and I would like to visit this village. Many thanks Louise

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