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Agriculture – Growing Hemp In Portugal

Since the interview with Clare Monson and Rachel Zed on Pure Portugal Plus about starting an agribusiness, Rachel has had a number of inquiries about starting an agribusiness.

More than any other, she is asked about growing HEMP in Portugal (Cannabis Sativa NOT medical cannabis).

Here Rachel has kindly shared some information and the list of official requirement as posted by the Ministry of Agriculture (DGAV).

You need a permit to grow hemp! Anything medical is regulated by INFARMED – a VERY different kettle of fish.

Industrial hemp is legal for animal feed or other industrial purposes including food products – but there is still some grey area if you will need an additional NFA license from EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

Growing Hemp for CBD extraction is not legal (much as people disagree with the fact). Meanwhile, there are 77 shops in Portugal selling CBD products but to Rachel’s knowledge, they are selling a lot of imported products.

For your application, here are the core requirements.

You need approval prior to planting. Last year, the DGAV approved 22 applications (32% of total applications).

To start your application process, here is the official information you will need to submit.
(a) full identification and address of the farmer, farmers or the person’s registered in the event that it is not the applicant;
(b) identification of the plant’s development stages, including the forecast of dates;
(c) indication of the origin of the seed (technically the seed must be EU registered so you can’t use any old genetics).
(d) indication of the destination of production; (this can include a request for your off-take / sales
contracts to justify the production of the crop)> (and) quantity of seed to be sowed for each variety;
(f) complete address and geographical location by coordinates of the installations where the product is stored.

This is the list of initial requirements but there will be other requests including your production records. You must also report to three (3) different police forces.

Questions and feedback always welcome!

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