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Agriculture – Buying Agricultural Supplies

Rachel from WIKID Farms shares some top tips for finding agricultural supplies in Portugal.

Where to find agriculture materials.

The best option is to look on google maps for the closest AGRILOJA or CASA AGRICOLA (as a business category). Every town has at least one local shop. AGRILOJA is also a big, national retail store name but I find them very expensive. Most of these shops will sell everything from planting soil, seed, water fittings, fencing, shade net, greenhouse plastic, chicken feed and much more ! You will also see materials change with the seasons and will also sell local vegetables in bulk like onions, potatoes and wine at a GREAT price. They can order anything you need and many will have BIO/organic) products.

As a livestock farmer, I buy bulk materials including baking soda, apple cider vinegar and CAL VIVA to help disinfect the animal sheds.

DISCOUNTS – If you are new to an area and buying a lot of materials, don’t be shy. ASK FOR A DISCOUNT! More often than not, they will give you 10-20%

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