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Adi, the nomad architect

Olá Good life people! Finally, I am here. My name is Adi and I am a nomad Architect.
Two years ago, I visited Portugal and completely fell In love. The landscape, the colorful buildings,the kind and open-heart people. It was only a short vacation and I promised myself to come back some day. Back then I had no idea what is about to happen. In what ways my life are about to change and which opportunities will present themselves  before me.

I’d like to share my journey with you.



Part A: Tell me why I don’t like Mondays
After 5 years in of studying  I was thrilled to enter the job market . I got a designer position in one of the biggest firms in Tel-Aviv and started working there.

I got to work on a big variety of projects, from the very beginning concept development, 3d modelling, through building permits, detailed drawings, meetings and site supervision. After 3 years I got my dream position: being in charge of the conceptual phase and becoming chief project designer. Sooner than later I realised that the concept of office life didn’t make much sense to me: I felt my creative freedom is being trapped under the florescent light, in front of the computer all day long. The hard truth was, no matter what I did, I felt like I am slowly fading away, using only 10% of my professional potential.

When my ex and I decided to end our relationship, I moved to another city. Instead of leaving my job, my boss offered me to keep it and work remotely from home. One sunny day in Tel Aviv I realised that I’m free. If I can do it remotely, why not traveling the world?

Part B: Following an old dream
That was the moment I decided to sell all my stuff and get a one-way ticket to Japan! That decision changed my life. I wandered around  surrounded in magic, while working remotely on my projects back home. I visited dozens of Japanese houses, fascinated by the unique Japanese approach to nature and the clever utilisation of natural materials. I learned so much every day! Getting deeper and deeper into the world of Japanese aesthetics and Zen design approach.

A little video of me to share. A consultation in Japan. 

Part C: Coffee house in the mountains is the perfect place to meet new clients, apparently
The next thing that happen was that I started to meet more and more people. One day I was working on a project while sitting in a  beautiful cafè situated in the mountains near Nagano, Japan. a group of people next to me started asking me questions about what I was doing. They became my first clients in Japan – a couple from new Zealand that just bought a hotel and wanted to renovate it.

In the next days I did a consult for them and ended up designing a new master plan for the renovation of the hotel main area. This random meeting somehow turned into us building a beautiful new interior design concept together. By the third time I met clients on the roads I realised- this is what I want to do!

Part D: A new vision
I can work while traveling to places that inspire me, constantly improving my skills and my knowledge base. Do you know that feeling when you enter a place and you immediately think to yourself: “I could live here?”  some people call it “a quality without a name” my life mission is to create this kind of quality in spaces: places people want to be in: live, get inspired, create, meet new people and new experiences.

So, this is what I do today. In the past year I have been to Japan, south Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Egypt. I work with entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide and collaborate with local architecture firms. My expertise is concept: creating vision for projects, new or existing buildings.

My clients can also enjoy my nomadic freedom by reduced fees, my lack of a fancy office and corresponding expense allows me to offer much more affordable fees in comparison to others.

Part E: Back to Portugal
I remembered the promise I made in my previous trip and recently came back to Portugal.
I love it here. I love the international community. I love the vibe of the Portuguese. The music, the wine. Here I am, open for suggestions and excited to meet new people and opportunities.
I would love to take part in new projects: I have a special place in my heart for rural, ecological projects, recycling and salvage, I’m excited about renovation of traditional old buildings and ruins and making the most of their potential.

Wonderful things happen when we go out to the world and let new experiences come to us.
If you think my expertise can be beneficial for you, let’s meet for coffee 🙂 You can contact me on my email: or phone: +972 52 6219952 (WhatsApp only).

In the meanwhile you are welcome to join my journey on Instagram.




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