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MamaSeed cares for You, for your Home & our Planet.


MamaSeed combines Selfcare and Ecology in an organic range that makes everyday life naturally more blissful! Through her different lines of 100% nature-based, bioactive & organic products, she offers you a way to treat yourself, your family and your home in your conscious daily life. Cruelty free, Chemical free and recycled glass and PET containers.

* Cosmetic Essentials ~ your toiletry essentials for home & travelling 
* Eco-Home cleaning products ~ your house clean & our planet safe from chemicals
* Postpartum herbal care ~ for new moms and babies

MamaSeed admires Nature for its countless powerful healing treasures, and gives respects back to Nature by caring for a clean environment. MamaSeed is a home-based production in southern Portugal. You can order through our Facebook page, we will ship worldwide.



“Living consciously is a lifestyle, a skill, an art. It’s not something you do just once, but a habit that you can choose for the rest of your life. It is now the time to make that choice.”


A selection of nature-based (and effective!) products to clean and maintain your home and laundry in the most healthy and respectful ways- for you & our planet.

Laundry Magic – active oxygen powder
Spray it all! – antibacterial cleaner
Shiny Dishes – ultra degreaser dish soap
Fresh Floor – all-floor cleaner

Unisex * kids friendly

An essential range of 100% natural organic cosmetics that Nature can offer to take care of your well-being & daily pleasure.

Gourmet Body Cream
Radiant Face Cream
Sage Shampoo
Eye Elixir serum
Smooth Smile toothpaste
S.O.S Balms (skin & muscle healing)
SunBliss Sunscreen
5* Repellent

Nature’s healing touch for new moms & babies

Herbal Sitz Bath
Nursing Tea
Soothing Spray
Nipple Cream
Baby Body Cream
Baby Bulm Balm


What is Organic Beauty?


It is treating ourselves in symbiosis with Nature, not against it…

– NO animal testing
– NO controversial chemicals
– NO parabens and phthalates
– NO synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances
– NO nano particles

– YES to higher levels of antioxidants (up to 60%)
– YES to sustainably sourced organic ingredients
– YES to transparent manufacturing processes
– YES to biodegradable ingredients
– YES to maximum recycled content
– YES to protecting wildlife and biodiversity

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