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7 Reason Why Everyone Is Going To Portugal

If you have been to Portugal before then you must have experienced the warmth and the vibrancy of its culture and the marvel of its abundant nature. Whether you want to experience the tranquility of nature or the thrilling daredevil then you’ll love the quality and unique activities that Portugal has to offer. As a matter of fact, not many countries can offer such a wide range of delights and experiences. Read below to learn about the 7 reason why everyone is going to Portugal.

1. The wine
Portugal’s national wine, Porto is very famous across the country. Any good restaurant or bar will sell you this amazing fortified drink. As one of the country’s oldest traditions, Portuguese wine is not only popular but also increasingly becoming recognized worldwide. If you are a true wine lover then you can explore the Alentejo region and the Douro Valley for a wine tour.

2. It has a diverse landscape
When spending time in Portugal, you will never get bored. This is perhaps the reason why travelers call this westernmost country of Europe the European Australia. Being a small country does not mean that it has very little to offer. It’s a country where you can get all in one place. From walking the streets to surfing, hiking to enjoying the metropolitan life, you’ll get all that you need in Portugal.

3. The nightlife
Those who love nightlife will enjoy everything that the county has to offer. Besides food, if there is one thing that they know how to do well then it’s partying. Regardless of whom you are or how old you are, there is a party scene for everyone. From selective nightclubs in Vilamoura to Lisbon’s street bars, the party starts early and ends early the next day.

4. Visiting Portugal will not cost you much
As compared to other travel destinations, visiting Portugal will not leave a hole in your pocket. You do not need to be a shrewd hunter in order to find great places to stay! Since the country’s tourism industry is just picking up, prices are yet to be hiked. This means accommodation, food, and drinks are still fairly cheap. When traveling in the rural areas you can travel much while spending very little money. Moreover, there are low fare airlines that will take you to just any place you want to visit.

5. It’s a serene country
The tranquility of wildlife, the freshness of the air and the abundance of nature in Portugal will create an ambiance of peace that you’ll never find anywhere. Despite the unique highlights and marvels that Portugal has to offer it is surprisingly quiet. This allows it to remain unadorned and cultured thereby leading to a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere both at the sea and on land. For those who like the feeling of being immersed in another world, this can greatly work for them. You can just visit the country to relax and enjoy.

6. There is no better place to enjoy surfing
Known to be an amazing country for surfing, Portugal has a big surfing community with lots of camps around it. For instance, the stretch from Lisbon further towards Nazare recently made headlines as the best surfing places. Apart from these, there are other famous spots such as Peniche and Ericeira in Portugal. Surfing is not something that you only enjoy during the holidays, but rather a way of life.

7. The people
Talking about what Portugal will not be incomplete without talking about the inhabitants. The Portuguese population has given rise to a number of festivals that are attended by citizens who love to express their culture, tell their roots and unite together as a family. Best of all, they are warm, vibrant, and adventurous. Apart from the folklore, there is traditional music played from homemade instruments. More so, the religious disposition has also inspired the art and beautiful structure while also infusing the local citizens with bold personalities that can be both fun and entertaining.

Once you’ve visited Portugal you’ll not want to leave very easily. And even if you want to leave you will finally understand the true meaning of Portugal and why it has amazing weather, interesting people, and the best culture. The reason why many people are going to Portugal is that it has it all. From beaches to culture, history to people you will really enjoy your stay. Try it out today and feel what it has to offer.

Ellie is a freelance travel writer, originally from the UK. Publishing for some of the top travel websites around the world, writing about everything from hidden gems to luxury hangouts all over the world, Ellie is currently writing for Travel Department.

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