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6 Things To Consider Before Buying a House With Big Trees

Buying a new home can be very conflicting especially if there is a lawn to go with it. You have to consider the house itself as well as the elements it comes with. If you are to purchase a house in the suburbs, then chances are, you will find several houses with large trees which may or may not be an issue. Below you will find a list of 6 things to consider before buying a house with big trees.

1. You Can Build a Treehouse
Big trees can be a source of fun as there are lots of ways you can make use of them. First off, they can be a project on which you can spend your free time. One way you can do that is to build a treehouse, either yourself or have someone help you build it. This can either be extremely enjoyable for you or your children. Treehouses do not have to be a playhouse only, you can put your in-house office in the treehouse, or a place where you work on your hobbies. For your kids, it will be a place in which they can create memories for a lifetime, without making too much noise inside the house.

2. You Can Build a Cozy Sitting Area
The shade that the trees provide will make for a great sitting area for gatherings. The shade will also provide a cooling system that will guard you against the heat on those extra warm days. The shade can also create a cooling system inside your home, which will be extremely beneficial as you do not have to pay extra for air conditioning or fans.

3. Big Trees Can Be Dangerous
Big trees can be quite dangerous for several reasons. First off, comes the chance that there is a storm, there is always the fear that one of the large branches may hit your home and cause some destruction. A second reason they may be dangerous is the ecological aspect of things. For instance, the bigger the trees, the more likely there will be animals that are attracted to those trees. Trees will attract birds, cats, and several other animals that if there is a plethora of, may be dangerous to you or your family, especially if little children are living in this home.

4. Trees Need Lots of Maintenance
Like all living things, trees need a lot of maintenance, especially bigger ones. In this case, you will have to consult a company for help, especially if you do not want it to ruin other parts of your home. There are several companies that provide this kind of help. Tree logging professionals from P’n’D Logging and Tree Service emphasize on the importance of clearing certain areas from trees and shrubbery around your home so that there is no risk involved. You’ll find that in many areas, harsh weather can creep up at any moment, and hard winds can topple the trees over, possibly damaging your property outside or even inside your home. Regular upkeep will also keep your mind at ease without you having to worry about any damages.

5. Trees Shed
All trees shed, however, with big trees it will be a huge hassle to maintain your lawn or your gutter come Autumn. So, you need to know if you will be able to upkeep the rest of your house during that time or not. If you have a pool in your backyard, that could also raise an issue as maintaining the pool in itself takes a lot of effort.

6. Big Trees Provide Lots of Shade
The shade that big trees provide is seemingly a positive thing, as aforementioned, there are lots of ways in which you can utilize this shade. However, the negative aspect of that is that too much shade, other plants will not be able to grow properly, nor will your lawn. Also, if you do have a pool and want to sit by the sunlight, it will be quite difficult to do that. Again, trees will provide shade in your home, yet that can be an issue as you may be dependent on the sunlight in your home, meaning you may have to pay for more lighting during the mornings.

There are many things to consider when buying a house with big trees. Before you do so, a good step to take is to create a pros and cons list of everything related to big trees by your home. If the pros outweigh the cons then it will be a great step and you can always try to trim the trees regularly. If the cons outweigh the pros then a possible solution is for you to sell those trees to someone who will find them useful/beneficial in their home.

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