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How To Travel In Style

It is not just about the destination it is about how you travel and arrive there. You may be staying in the most luxurious resort or your own holiday home in Portugal but if you arrive looking and smelling like you have had a tough workout in the gym then it will take some of the glamour away. 

Packing for your holiday

Holidays are supposed to be exciting but there is also a certain amount of stress that comes with that. Trying to remember to get the foreign currency, passports, visas, and inoculations in time for the family can leave you in need of a holiday on its own.

Although the stress of doing those chores is hard to remove, packing correctly can help you make the most of your holiday afterward. Below are a couple of reasons why. 

Avoid looking like tourists

If you want to look stylish in your holiday photos then you need to dress appropriately. Of course, you will need some practical clothes and t-shirts are always a winner but there is no need to leave your favorite clothes at home. If you are visiting a hot country look for light clothes to bring. Statement sunglasses and scarfs can add attitude and a nice touch to simple outfits.

Avoiding looking like a tourist isn’t just about style it is also safer. You are less likely to be conned, scammed, or robbed if you don’t stand out against the locals. 

Practical bags and footwear

Although you want to look stylish, two areas that can be more practical are shoes and bags. There is nothing wrong with Birkenstocks when stomping around a city for the day. They can be paired with a statement skirt to offset them. Bags with different storage areas are handy and should also be difficult for a pickpocket to get into. 

Preparing for the airplane

Dressing smartly for the airplane will ensure your stylish arrival at the other end. Bring lip balm, moisturizer to combat the dry air in the cabin and dehydration. Also, bring slip on or trendy trainers for the feet along with support socks. You want to avoid DVT obviously but more likely you might get swollen ankles and arrive in Lisbon with elephant feet is not remotely stylish.

How to travel to your destination

It isn’t just your clothes that matter, it is how you get there. Tuk Tuks in Thailand might seem fun but smelling of exhaust fumes is far from the image you want to give off. You want to step out of the first class cabin and travel into Lisbon looking amazing.

Private bus

One way to travel would be to hire a minibus and driver to take you on a tour of your island destination. You could sit back and watch as the scenery goes by without the worry of driving. But if you want to ramp up the style then how about a luxury car and suited chauffeur? 

Chauffeur driven luxury car

Of course, having your own chauffeur is a big statement. If you were visiting a city abroad, having your own driver take you on a tour in a luxury model will ensure you can enjoy the sights in style. In the evening when you want to visit a restaurant or entertainment venue you can arrive relaxed and looking like a movie star. 

First-class flying

First-class still holds some of the glamour from the halcyon days of aviation and many airlines have excellent premium areas. Flying to an exotic destination with a choice of meals and champagne will start your holiday in style and with some airlines now having actual beds you will arrive refreshed and awake for your vacation time. 

Private jets

Cars and drivers are all good but if you want the real height of traveling in style it has to be your own plane. No one is suggesting that you buy one of course unless you win the lottery. However, it might surprise you that you can hire your own jet to take you wherever you please in Europe. You might want to visit Lisbon or Paris and with private jet hire, you will arrive in the ultimate style. Your own cabin crew will serve you and your guests in comfortable surroundings with no other passengers to distract you.


There are many ways to look and travel in style. From the clothes you wear to the bags, sunglasses, and the vehicles you use. There are ways to do this for any budget. Hiring a jeep and traveling around a European island can be as stylish as a limo in a city. Hiring a private jet might be the ultimate though.

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