If you purchase a property which you found thanks to an advert on Pure Portugal Ltd we will give you 50 euros to spend on anything you like for your new home or something else to help get your new life in Portugal off to a great start!

We think tree planting is a great idea!… and many companies publicise the fact that some of their profit goes towards tree-planting.

Of course this benefits us all, but we thought you might enjoy a more direct benefit from our tree planting scheme, so… purchase any property via Pure Portugal Ltd and we’ll give you 50euros in TREES for your new home!

Buying a property that already has plenty of trees, or not enough space
for more trees?

Why not choose to use the 50 euros for other things, such as:

  • Donate it to a charity or a project that matters to you
  • Buy a tool, or house warming gift for your new home
  • Spend it on plants and seeds
  • Stock up your freezer with your favourite ice-cream!
  • Books on smallholding and self sufficiency
  • Go out for a nice celebratory meal
  • Buy the donkey/goat/chickens you always dreamed of (but PLEASE send photos of your cute new addition for us to ‘awww’at!!)
  • Pay for Portuguese lessons
  • Put it towards some solar equipment or a tiny home or in one beautiful product listed on our Off-grid living section.
  • Use it on a Service you may need to iniciate your life in Portugal
  • Take a break and discover another area of Portugal you haven`t visited yet! Have a look at the Pure Portugal`s Holiday Properties!

Whatever you choose, just let us know what you’d like and we’ll do our best to help get your new life in Portugal off to a great start.

Email us with details of your property purchase to take advantage of this
offer today!