Read feedback and testimonials from people who are ‘living the good life’ thanks to buying a property via Pure Portugal. If you have any comments or feedback, get in touch via team@pureportugal.co.uk.

Bev and Margaret

We completed the purchase of the above property (...) Everything went well and we are very happy. There will be lots to do. Renovating the property will keep us busy and interested now we are both in our seventies! Thank you for your part in this.


Everyone has been so helpful with our search for land and the resources on the page have made the whole process much easier to understand.
It really did give us comfort that everything was running as it should do - property purchase and residency.
We will continue to use PP as a point of contact and resource. Thanks again!



Once I had decided on Portugal for my new home, I looked & looked at websites & portals, but I kept coming back to Pure Portugal. The variety & quality was of a very high standard compared to so many others. When I eventually did viewings, I found that some agents were rather creative with their pictures & descriptions - not so for the pure portugal properties I saw. I eventually bought a pure portugal advertised property & am very happy.
Clare & her team stayed with me through all the months that it - frustratingly - took & I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Very quick to respond & always so very helpful.
The free trees is a bonus (I need to buy a LOT) and the fb group is one of the best, plus there is so much helpful information on the website, you really are supported every way.
All round brilliant - thankyou!


We signed the promessa for the sale of the house on Thursday last week. Pretty quick after the listing went on Pure Portugal, about 6 weeks! It will take a few months yet before the final sale, but we got a lot of serious interest & ended up with a good offer. Thanks for listing for us.


We are happy to say that our property is SOLD subject to contract now, thanks to your wonderful website.We are absolutely thrilled, and shocked at how speedy it was. Your website has been a real help to us ever since we arrived here ourselves so thank you all.


Thank you! We are so happy with the buyers of our property, really lovely people & very appreciative of the hard work we've put into the renovation of this amazing building, they will make extremely good custodians of both house & land. Many thanks for all your assistance


I must tell you that your web site, staff, newsletters and everything associated with Pure Portugal is fantastic!! I Am blown away by your level of professionalism and efficiency in all my dealings with you.

Justine & Tony

I wanted to email you to say I've had such a fab time buying, Staff bent over backward to answer all my questions & concerns. it's been a delight and a breath of fresh air. please keep
up your honest and fab site, I would not go anywhere else!


We want to thank the Pure Portugal TEAM for all the help, from finding your
website, to finding the house of our dreams. We wish you only good for the
future and keep this going forever!


You guys deserve all the praise in the world, we are so happy to have found you, your team are professional and the properties you have are varied, with great sellers. We heard good things about you before using you but totally see why you have the reputation you have! Thank you

natalia brown

WE are completely in love with our new (old) water mill & have used PURE PORTUGAL for everything so far. We used Adriana as our lawyer, Silver Coast construction with renovations & we are staying in a pure portugal holiday let for the next 3 months! Somehow I don't think we would have got this far without Pure Portugal


Thank you for the [free trees] voucher, viewings went well thank you and the agents were amazing, would highly recommend them.


I've just received the seeds you sent to me, what a lovely surprise ,and thank you. I will look forward to growing them in the spring. The real bonus I think is the "heirloom" quality of the seeds because I always try to buy this type of seeds.

RC (property owner)

I would like to say thank you, we had so many enquiries it was incredible, and ended up with a list of offers, starting from day one!

Lynn & Hazel

We would like to thank you for your input with introductions for lettings over the years and, latterly, prospective purchasers. We would recommend you to anyone for your ethos based on trust, which we have found extremely refreshing.

Roy Callum

We have had so many enquiries through you that answering them all has become almost a full time occupation - I'm not complaining!

Clair Eclair

I must say you have all changed my world. Sharing and hearing and seeing you all. So many wonderful people moving towards such similar dreams and so many inspiring people already doing so and happy to share what they have learnt.

Anton Bergendorff

Everybody is so friendly and helpful. I must say that the community feeling in this [facebook] group is absolutely amazing and just confirming that Portugal is the right choice for us to start our project. Thanks again people for helping me transition to "Living the good life"

Lloyd Daly

You're carrying out a great service, especially for people who are uninterested in relentless consumption and city living and just want an honest, simple life - I don't know if you know that. We're lucky to have an escape route, but we're also lucky to have someone to facilitate that route as well.

Paul Cross

Hello you composting superstars! A very interesting [blog] article and I am sure the email newsletter will continue to be good and informative.

Virginia Carrington

As we start our search for a place in Portugal, it is to this Facebook page, your blog and the pure Portugal website and listings that I most often turn for information and advice, or at least to get a sense of where to look for advice. Thanks for the services you offer I hope you are well supported in return.😀

Lloyd Daly

Just wanted to say how much I love your website and this page. Myself and my girlfriend, Cate, will be heading out to Portugal this year to look at properties and we've found so much useful information through you guys, so thank you. I just saw the free trees/animals section as well and was further impressed, what a lovely idea!

Tim Gibson

Today I completed the purchase of VP38 so am now the proud owner of a stunning ruin in an even more stunning location; all made possible by you and your website! So a MASSIVE thank you to you and your team! I will be spreading the word to all my friends who a) think I am mad and b) are secretly jealous!

Michaella Brown

Pure Portugal donate much time and resources helping people to achieve low impact lifestyles in Portugal. (The facebook group being an example of that) as well as gifting free trees when you buy property from them. They are hands down the first choice if Permaculture is your thing.