Free Trees

We think tree planting is a great idea, and many companies publicise the fact that some of their profit goes towards tree-planting. Of course this benefits us all, but we thought you might enjoy a more direct benefit from our tree planting scheme … so … purchase any property via Pure Portugal Ltd and we’ll give you FREE TREES for your new home!

Below is just a small selection of possibilities – your choice of any native and/or fruit/nut trees.


Olive Tree   Orange Tree   Oak Tree  

Chestnut Tree   Fig Tree   Loquat Tree  

Buying a property that already has plenty of trees, or not enough space for more trees? We’re also happy to give you any other plant/s of your choice. Maybe you’d like seedlings to start your own organic vegetable plot, a vineyard, or flowers that attract butterflies and bees?

Organic Vegetables   Grape Vine  

Or do you have another idea for your perfect “house-warming” gift? Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having your own goat, a donkey, or some chickens? How about money towards Portuguese lessons? Or books on smallholding, self-sufficiency, organic gardening, etc? If you’re installing alternative energy you could choose a monetary gift towards the cost. Let us know what you’d like* and we’ll do our best to help get your new life in Portugal off to a great start.

Goat   Chickens   Solar Panels  

* The small print: only eco-friendly gifts or Portuguese lessons up to a maximum of 50 euros (which is enough to plant an orchard of up to 15 young fruit trees!).