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Photo JLA8: Aldeia do Bispo 8500 euros new

Penamacor, Castelo Branco
Charming Smallholding with 1 storage building built in bricks. Ideal place a for Tipi, Yurt or caravan.

1ha of fertile land with olive grove and lots of water. Quiet and beautiful location with very nice views.
Photo ALV13-1: Ruin in forest 13,000 euros

Arganil, Coimbra
This small ruin needs full restoration and is beautifully situated in amongst trees.

The 5000m2 has lots of mature fruit trees, forest all around and lots of water.
Photo RMCB13: Sunny Quinta 13,500 euros

Penamacor, Castelo Branco
Rural stone building for renovation with 92m2 area.

1,720m2 farm with several fruit trees, bordered by water stream. Sunny location and beautiful landscape!
Photo MAG15: Land with buildings 15,000 euros

Fornos de Algodres, Guarda
A small two roomed building which is habitable and a larger new house which needs finishing inside with the potential to be a 2 bedroom house.

3 hectares of land with a well. Replanting has already begun with some fruit, olive and chestnut trees. Perfect location for a permaculture project
Photo ANB15: Vale de Carreira 15,000 euros
Castelo Branco,
Charming 3.5 hectare plot of mostly flat land with the possibility to construct a habitation.

Good access and close to Monsanto, Portugal's 'Most Portuguese Village'.
Photo FM16-2: Quinta na Benfeita 16,000 euros
SOLD Subject to Contract
Arganil, Coimbra
Lovely, registered, 56m2, two floor ruin.

The land is terraced with many trees and a beautiful view. Potential to buy more land.
Photo BOS16: Casa da Vinha 16,900 euros

Serta, Castelo Branco
Excellent farm, with a storage building/barn which has the possibility to be extended.

1,200m2 flat, sunny land with grapevines and large chestnut trees creating shady spots.
Photo FM17: Quinta da Bica 17,000 euros
Arganil, Coimbra
Lovely registered stone house, requiring total renovation.

11,000m2 land including land for cultivation and forest. Ideal for off grid living.
Photo MAG17: Pigeon House 17,500 euros

Celorico da Beira, Guarda
Old 'pombal' (pigeon tower) for renovation / conversion. Neighbouring a community permaculture project.

5.6 hectares (approx. 14 acres) of land in wide flat terraces. 2 water sources. Spectacular views and sunsets.
Photo CALD17: Nature Retreat 17,500 euros

Gois, Coimbra
Stunning natural paradise with 3 stone ruins in varying states.

8,000m2 (2 acres) land with plenty of space to grow food and clean spring water. The perfect place to create a simple life.
Photo BOS19: Quinta dos Medronhos 17,800 euros
Under Offer 19,000
Serta, Castelo Branco
Rustic stone ruin for renovation in a secluded valley location. Perfect for off grid living.

1.5 hectares hillside land with a few terraces for cultivation. No immediate neighbours.
Photo BAZ33: Alqueve 18,000 euros
Reduced from 22,500 euros
Beautiful quinta with building permission for up to 450m2. Mains water. Electricity nearby or perfect location for solar power.

8,500m2 (circa 2 acres) terraced land with olive and oak trees. Fabulous mountain views.
Photo FAL19: Quintinha na Aldeia 19,000 euros

Arganil, Coimbra
Small farm with one stone ruin for total renovation. Great potencial!

Approx. 4000m2 of land with vine, olive trees, fruit trees. Good accesses.
Photo VP19: Ruina com Charca 19,000 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
Large stone ruin made up of 3 adjoining sections, in need of complete renovation. Electricity nearby.

3 hectares of open land with a spring-fed lake. Ideal for grazing, cultivation or reforestation.
Photo SLA28: Lagares Ruin 19,000 euros
Under Offer 28,000 euros
Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Beautiful land with stone ruin (118m2).

15,610m2 mixed terrain, terraced and forest with a waterway and granite water tank.
Photo RMTR19: Little Farm 19,900 euros

Serta, Castelo Branco
Stone ruin for total renovation with 52m2 with a patio of 190m2 area.

9425m2 of agricultural and forest land bordering a water stream.

Photo BOS19-1: Ribeira Aldeia 19,900 euros
Under Offer
Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
Romantic quinta with ancient stone ruin for renovation. Wonderfully private location.

7,200m2 fertile land with a variety of mature trees (including fruit), creating a mild, Mediterranean climate. Perfect spot for a permaculture project.
Photo SAN59: Serra Smallholding 19,950 euros
Reduced from 28,000 euros
Seia, Guarda
Smallholding with partly restored stone building (30m2). Ideal for low impact living.

25,000 m2 of flat land with various fruit trees. It has watermine, stream and large pounds.
Photo SC20: Casal das Hortas 20,000 euros

Ruins of 360m2 footprint which can be built on. Approved project for house and swimming pool.

3,000m2 plot in protected area of outstanding beauty.
Photo ROU21: Quinta do Moinho 21,000 euros

Celorico da Beira, Guarda
One stone ruin with approx. 70m2 and one water mill.

About 8000m2 of land facing south, with agricultural terraces with olive trees, a river with a small stone dam and water canals.
Photo RPL22: Waterfalls Land 22,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Granite ruin with 83m2 with building permission.

1,4ha of land alongside a stream with waterfalls.

Close to a village, yet very private.
Photo ALV27: Rustic Quinta 22,000 euros
Reduced from 27,000 euros
Arganil, Coimbra
Good sized stone building (225m2) requiring complete renovation. Mains services available.

9,000m2 flat land, just 5 minutes walk from Arganil.

Photo KEM24: Quinta Fonte dos Clericos 24,000 euros
Reduced from 28,000 euros
Penamacor, Castelo Branco
Nicely converted outbuildings with solar electricity, ideal for low impact living.

3,000m2 fertile land with young fruit trees, vines and water tank.
Photo FM24: Quinta Laranjeira 24,000 euros

Coja, Coimbra
Fabulous south facing quinta with stone building (40m2) for renovation.

7,000m2 land with orange, lemon and olive trees, walk in water mine and beautiful views.
Photo ESF25-1: Vale Maria Gil 25,000 euros

Serta, Castelo Branco
Barn and ruin.

2ha of fertile land with pine, chestnuts, eucalyptus and oak trees.

Excellent access.
Photo RUFR25: Off-Grid Smallholding 25,000 euros

Gois, Coimbra
Lovely farm with a rustic but liveable stone house.

Approx. 700m2 of land composed by terraces. Water from natural spring and fruit trees. Absolutelly beautiful site, located on the edge of a small village.
Photo ESF/F35-1: Corga Cega 25,000 euros
Reduced from 28,000
2 stone ruins with total 160m2, in need of complete renovation. Mains services nearby, good access.

7,000m2 (1.75 acres) terraced land with variety of trees, grape vines, fabulous views.
Photo ESF25: Quinta Ribeira do Bras 25,000 euros

Figueiro dos Vinhos, Leiria
Basically habitable farmhouse with several rooms and south facing balcony. Mains services possible.

5,435m2 mixed agricultural land and pine forest. Private but not remote location.
Photo SZE25: Almegue Cottage 25,000 euros

Cernache do Bonjardim, Castelo Branco
Good sized old house (105m2) requiring total renovation.

1,245m2 fertile, flat land with some pine trees, ideal for cultivation.
Photo ALA45: Off Grid Cottage 25,000 euros
Reduced from 45,000 euros
Coja, Coimbra
Beautiful off grid cottage with compost toilet and solar hot water.

1 hectare land, part of a larger farm also for sale.
Photo ESF/G25: Bonita Vista 25,000 euros

Figueiro dos Vinhos, Leiria
Rustic stone house for renovation, located on a flat sunny hillside with beautiful views.

1,080m2 lush green gardens with plenty of water. Possible to buy neighbouring terraced land if desired.
Photo RICK25: Cavalinho Barn 25,000 euros

Chaves, Vila Real
Lovely granite barn with tile roof, easily convertible into a dwelling (permission required).

Set on a plot of 1,880m2 in an elevated position on the edge of the village.
Photo ANB25: Lameiro dos Marcos 25,750 euros
Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
Productive farm with small, strong rural granite building. Possibility of permission to construct a habitation house.

2.175 hectares land with olive trees, grapevines, cork and fruit trees. Good year round supply of water for irrigation.
Photo FM26-1: Quinta do Olival 26,000 euros

Benfeita, Coimbra
Two slate stone ruins in good condition for renovaton. Registered as a two-storey house with 70m2 footprint (140m2 total area).

7,000m2 (1.75 acres) with olive, chestnut and fruit trees. Plenty of water.
Photo FM26: Soito Moninho 26,000 euros

Coja, Coimbra
Little riverside farm with a stone ruin (85m2) with two divisions for restoration.

5,000m2 south facing land with olive trees, space for a garden and a waterfall with a 3 metre drop.
Photo RMCB27: T1 Sarzedas 27,000 euros

Sarzedas, Castelo Branco
48m2 habitable stone house. Storage annexe with bread oven. Mains electricity and water.

2,680m2 terraced land with vineyard, fruit and olive trees.
Photo NJL27: Quinta dos Covelos 27,500 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Rose covered granite house, habitable but would benefit from modernisation. Further ruin for renovation.

4,000m2 beautiful land with creek and mature trees. Perfect off grid retreat.
Photo ALV27-1: Casa Mouronho 27,500 euros

Coja, Coimbra
Rustic stone house with 3 divisions, requiring completion. Good location and views.

5,000m2 land with a borehole and a well for water.
Photo VP27: Lardosa Land 27,500 euros

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
2 granite buildings. Plenty of water provided by a well.

20,000m2 of fenced flat land. Perfect place for a self-sufficiency project.

Excellent access. Only a few minutes from a big lake.
Photo ALV28: Arganil Quinta 28,000 euros

Arganil, Coimbra
Two beautiful stone ruins for renovation in a nice small village.

3.5 hectares land with woodland (firewood), agricultural land and a constantly running stream.
Photo ESF28: Lakeview Retreat 28,000 euros

Pampilhosa da Serra, Coimbra
Beautiful property with stone ruin for renovation. Panoramic lake views.

7,000m2 terraced farmland with spring water, numerous fruit trees, olive trees and grapevines.
Photo JLA29: Quinta Telhado 28,000 euros
Under Offer
Fundao, Castelo Branco
Fantastic smallholding with a small building with the possibility to extend and construct a house.

7,612m2 completely fenced land with an abundance of fruit trees, ideal for self sufficiency enthusiasts!
Photo LEV45: Esculca Building Plot 28,000 euros
Reduced from 35,000 euros
Coja, Coimbra
Beautiful building plot with planning approved for a 3 bed house with veranda.

5,700m2 land with chestnut, pine and cork oak. Stunning views.
Photo AIF28: Silvares Quinta 28,000 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
Lovely farm with one schist house and annexes (135m2).

8000m2 property area. Agricultural terraces with stone walls, fruit trees, olive trees and vine. Lovely location with beautiful countryside views.

Photo FM28: Ruina em Entre Aguas 28,000 euros
SOLD Subject to Contract
Coja, Coimbra
Fantastic good sized stone ruin requiring restoration, within walking distance to a village.

9,000m2 land bordered by a good stream. Stunning views.
Photo ESF37: Salada 28,500 euros
Reduced from 37,500
Stone house for renovation / rebuild / extension. Also possibility to build 2nd house.

1 acre land with fruit and olive trees, grape vines and a water well.
Photo RMCB28: Quintinha 28,500 euros

Penamacor, Castelo Branco
Lovely farm with one stone building with annexes (52m2 area) for renovation.

Land with 8,250m2 area with fruit trees, olive grove, arable land.. Good location!

Photo ALV29: Arganil Ruin 29,000 euros

Arganil, Coimbra
Rustic stone ruin for renovation. Private valley location.

17,000m2 land with a stream at the border and oak forest.
Photo HAR29: Small Farm 29,000 euros

Alvaiazere, Leiria
Rural property with one stone house and outbuildings in need of renovation. 180m2 of building area. Mains water and electricity connected.

Land with 900m2 area with one treshing circle. Good soil for vegetables. Established fruit trees.
Photo ADH48: Valongo Building Plot 29,000 euros
Pedrogao Grande,
Building plot with permission for 250m2 house. Mains water and electricity connected at border.

6,050m2 (1.5 acres) south-east facing land with olive trees, fig trees, and grape vines.
Photo RMCB29: 7ha Farm 29,500 euros

Penamacor, Castelo Branco
Stone building for renovation with 108m2 area.

76,520m2 farm land and pastures with olivegrove and cork-oak trees.
Photo ESF29: Milharais Land 29,900 euros

Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
2500m2 property with building permit up to 980m2.Small stone house perfect for a workshop or storage.

Fully fenced land with fruit trees and an excellent sun exposure. Beautiful views!
Photo ANB29: Mimosa Lagarto 29,950 euros
SOLD Subject to Contract
Monsanto, Castelo Branco
Strong stone building for renovation, good walls but needs a new roof.

Fabulous land, around 1.5 hectares with fruit trees and traditional stone wells.
Photo HAR30: Renovation Property 30,000 euros

Ansiao, Leiria
Lovely property with one stone house and one outbuilding in need of renovation. Mains water and electricity available.

1500m2 of land with good soil and a few established trees. Private property close to a peaceful village.
Photo MOAB37: Nisa 30,000 euros
Reduced from 37,000 euros
Two small stone barns (25m2 and 12m2) for conversion / total renovation. Ideal situation for caravan / yurt / tipi / etc.

3.3 hectares with 300 olive trees and 2 wells.
Photo ESF30-1: Alqueve Cottage 30,000 euros

Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Rustic stone cottage with 2 floors requiring interior renovation.

1290m2 agricultural land. Peaceful and beautiful location.
Photo RMTR30: Riverside Rural House 30,000 euros

Serta, Castelo Branco
House for renovation by the riverside, with breath-taking views over Zezere river.

299m2 total area. Great potential!
Photo MOR30: Penela Plot 30,000 euros

Penela, Coimbra
Beautiful small farm plot with the option to construct a home amongst the fruit trees.

6,000m2 land with many fruit trees, wild flowers and wonderful far reaching views. Perfect for self sufficiency.
Photo BOS32: Lagoas 32,000 euros
Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Stone ruin for rebuilding, lots of potential. Ideal place for solar power.

1 hectare south west facing terraced land with mature trees. Lots of good camping spots!
Photo HUIS37: Charming Quinta 32,000 euros
Reduced from 37,000
Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Charming quinta with approved architect project and drawings for a 1 or 2 bedroom home. Possible to adjust or extend.

6,527m2 relatively flat land, with a stream. Ideal for a large vegetable garden or for keeping small animals.
Photo FM32: Quinta da Baralha 32,000 euros
Coja, Coimbra
Beautiful stone ruin with stunning views, and a lovely old water mill for restoration.

15,000m2 land with chestnut, olive and fruit trees - a little paradise!
Photo PCR39: Lourosa Farmhouse 33,000 euros
Reduced from 39,000 euros
Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Traditional 3 bedroom farmhouse in need of repair and modernisation. Mountain views.

Land with over 50 olive trees, fruit trees and grapevines.
Photo RMCB39: Fundao Ribeira 34,999 euros
Reduced from 39,900 euros
Fundao, Castelo Branco
120m2 stone building for renovation into a house. Water from a well.

4,440m2 land with fruit and olive trees, land for cultivation and grazing. Bordering a river.
Photo TEIX35: Quintinha do Ribeiro 35,000 euros

Santa Cruz da Trapa, Viseu
Gorgeous stone mill ruin for rebuilding and extension (up to 40%) with 1,300m2 river frontage.

10,000m2 land with pine forest, two terraces for cultivation and a water mine. Great place for fishing.
Photo RMCB35: Fundao 35,000 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
Two buildings for renovation, possible to construct a new house of 200m2.

4.7 hectares with vineyard, fruit and olive trees. 4 natural water sources.
Photo ALA52: Coja Ruin 35,000 euros
Reduced from 52,500 euros
Coja, Coimbra
Ruin, registered with habitation license, for renovation.

8.3 hectares land with water mine, forest, terraces and panoramic views.
Photo RMCB35-2: Fundao 35,000 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
134m2 granite stone house for renovation. Mains electricity and water available for connection.

3,800m2 land with fruit trees, orange grove, olive grove, and grape vines.
Photo SAN65: Quinta Aldeias 35,000 euros
Reduced from 65,000 euros
Gouveia, Guarda
Rare quinta with two mills and a house to restore. Spectacular river frontage with access to a Roman bridge.

1 hectare terraced land with olive, nut and oak trees.
Photo RMCB36: Beautiful Quinta 36,500 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
2-storey rustic house and one annexe building, both requiring renovation work.

Land with 40,000m2 with fruit trees, agricultural land, olive grove. Quiet location.
Photo ESF/C37: Quinta do Vilar Fundeiro 37,500 euros

Pedrogao Grande,
Old house for renovation, with good stone walls, balcony and storage areas.

3,320m2 terraced land for cultivation, with well maintained grapevines, olive trees and two young cherry trees.
Photo ANB37: Sebas Rotas 37,950 euros new

Idanha-a-Nova, Castelo Branco
Fantastic agricultural property with 1 granite building with 40m2 footprint area and several outbuildings. Possibility to build an habitation up to 400m2 area. Electricity connected.

3 hectares of walled land, mature olive grove and fruit trees, wells and irrigation tanks. Fantastic views!
Photo IMO38: Stone houses 38,500 euros

Aveiro, Aveiro
Two gorgeous habitable stone houses requiring some renovation work. Connected to mains services.

500m2 land with good sun exposure, close to nature, ideal tranquil retreat, but not too isolated.
Photo IMO39: Rustic House 39,900 euros

Castelo de Paiva, Porto
Walled property with 53m2 rustic house for restoration.

580m2 sunny land with vineyard, fruit trees and plenty of space for an organic garden.
Photo CK/EM40: QUINTA CORUJEIRA (2) 40,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
64m2 granite stone ruin (barn), possible to rebuild as a 2 storey house.

1.2 hectares land, forest with oak and pine trees. Great views.

Photo PIP40: Lage de Lobo 40,000 euros

Seia, Guarda
Stone ruin, reported to have been a house of Joao Brandao, for total renovation.

6.5ha mature Pinheiro Manso (pine nut trees) perfect agro-forestry income, with own spring water.
Photo ALL45: Quinta Pimpao 40,000 euros
Reduced from 45,000 euros
Gouveia, Guarda
Stone ruin to renovate, with permission to build up to 180m2, to create your dream home with stunning mountain views.

1.1 hectares with cork and pine trees, lots of space for growing fruit and vegetables.
Photo AZO60: Casa Arrife 40,000 euros
Reduced from 60,000 euros
Lajes do Pico, Ilha do Pico - Acores
South facing two bedroom stone house requiring renovation, in the Azores.

5,000m2 land alongside a green ridge and a running creek.
Photo FM42-1: Quinta da Ribeira 42,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Lovely farm with 80m2 stone house for total renovation.

8,000m2 of land with many fruit and olive trees, bordered by a stream.
Photo FM42: Vale dos Ameeiros 42,500 euros
SOLD Subject to Contract
Tondela, Viseu
Beautiful property with a 2 storey ruin and 1 outbuilding.

17,000m2 of big flat terraces with great views.
Photo RMCB55: Fundao 42,500 euros
Reduced from 55,000 euros
Fundao, Castelo Branco
Rural stone building for renovation. Mains electricity 100m from the property.

3.4 hectares with fruit and olive trees. Water from a well and a mine.
Photo ESF/C51: Castelo vale Armunha 43,000 euros
Reduced from 51,000 euros
Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Pretty 1 bedroom house with pantry, cellar and large garage. Two terraces with magnificent mountain views. Ready to move into.

Several gardens for cultivation of fruit and vegetables. Olive and orange trees.

Photo ESF/F45-1: Quinta do Venestal 45,000 euros

Two storey farm house for restoration. Two outbuildings requiring further rebuilding, with the possibility to make a guesthouse.

2 hectares flat, fertile land with a well for water. Some forest.
Photo ALV45: Countryside Ruin 45,000 euros
SOLD Subject to Contract
Coja, Coimbra
Beautiful stone ruin with good access requiring renovation.

4 hectares of land (1.7 hectares are agricultural) with a stream and 2 wells.
Photo PORT30: Riverside Farm 45,000 euros

Gois, Coimbra
Picturesque property with south-east facing building with one large room, kitchen and verandah.

1,290m2 land split over two plots, with river frontage and numerous trees. Ideal property for a camping/glamping site.
Photo ESF/F45-2: Quinta do Mouchao 45,000 euros

Figueiro dos Vinhos, Leiria
Pretty stone house with 5 rooms and storage areas, requiring new roof and interior renovation works.

3 farm terraces of fertile land with spring water, vines and olive trees.
Photo AYM45: Vila Velha 45,000 euros

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
Rustic cottage requiring renovation, connected to mains utilities.

6,080m2 farmland with a citrus orchard, well and reservoir for water, plenty of space for cultivation.

Photo MEA45: Porto Plot 45,000 euros

Porto, Porto
Good sized urban building plot (1,287m2), just 40 minutes from Porto.

25,000m2 rustic land, just 2 minutes walk away.
Photo CT45-2: Serta Renovation (821/13) 45,000 euros

Cernache do Bonjardim, Castelo Branco
Renovation project with 3 buildings, small storage annex and a threshing circle. Mains electricity and water connected.

9,000m2 land with 3 large terraces, a meadow and a piece of forest.
Photo MOR45: 18th Century Watermill 45,000 euros

Penela, Coimbra
Fabulous opportunity to restore a watermill, originally built by monks, with original features.

6,200m2 flat, fertile land with fruit trees, old flower/herb garden and a stone bridge to the vegetable garden.

Photo RMCB53: Quinta Atalaia do Campo (2344) 46,000 euros

Stone farmhouse for renovation, has new roof and electricity nearby.

20,000m2 (5 acres) land, very fertile soil, good flat land, various fruit trees, olives and vines. Water from 2 wells.
Photo FM47: Quinta das Nogueiras 47,000 euros

Coja, Coimbra
2 houses and one outbuilding requiring some repairs. Possibility to rent.

7,000m2 land area bordered by a stream with a lovely walnut tree forest, agricultural terraces with fruit and olive trees. 50mtrs from river swimming pool.
Photo ADH47: Quintinha de Lage 47,500 euros

Pedrogao Grande,
Two storey traditional stone house requiring complete renovation.

4,700m2 (over an acre) terraced land with spring water and many mature oak trees.
Photo FM48: Quinta da Bela Vista 48,000 euros

Arganil, Coimbra
3 bedrooms cottage with 150m2 area and 2 ruins.

10,000m2 of agricultural land and pinewood forest with its own water spring. Stunning mountain views!
Photo RMCB48: Turtle Meadows Farm 48,750 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
One Granite stone building /habitation with 22m2 area and one annex for renovation.

Property walled and fenced with total area of 46.500m2. Agricultural land, wide meadows for pastures and forest. Quiet and sunny location!
Photo ALV49: Ponte da Mucela 49,000 euros

Vila Nova de Poiares, Coimbra
Fantastic plot with 2 stone ruins for reconstruction.

1 hectare land with 130m river frontage in a beautiful agricultural and forestal area.
Photo CT55-3: Character House (820/14) 49,000 euros
Reduced from 55,000 euros
Tomar, Santarem
Character stone house with 4 bedrooms, original features including large stone window frames. Requires renovation.

15,000m2 land with 4 wells for irrigation and fruit trees.
Photo VEE72: Ervedal Quinta 49,000 euros
Reduced from 66,000 euros
Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Amazing land with a registered ruin for rebuilding. Wooden sheds for living whilst rebuilding takes place.

4.5 hectares of beautiful flat land with a small river.
Photo SNC49: Casais do Arrocho (R022D) 49,500 euros

Plot with authorisation to build house of 300m2, on 2 floors, plus outbuildings of 608m2.

15,200m2 (over 3.75 acres) with small stone built store house, olive trees, and very good views.
Photo MAG49-1: Quinta das Oliveiras 49,950 euros

Gouveia, Guarda
Beautiful, old, stone house with roof intact.

6.3 hectares of well maintained terraced land, with lots of olive trees.
Photo CK/EM50: QUINTA CORUJEIRA (1) 50,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
94m2 granite stone ruin with permission to renovate into two storey house.

1.2 hectares land, forest with oak and pine trees. Views to mountains. Neighbouring property also for sale.
Photo LOWE50-1: Messines Quinta 50,000 euros

Silves, Faro
One stone house waiting for someone to bring it back to life.

7ha property in a lovely secluded valley. Very peaceful and quiet.
Photo PAT50: Freixo 50,000 euros

Gouveia, Guarda
Stone village house with 3 floors, 9 divisions and outdoor bread oven.

15,000m2 quinta with small stone house and olive trees.
Photo AZO70-1: Quiet farm 50,000 euros
Reduced from 70,000 euros
Lajes do Pico, Ilha do Pico - Acores
Small farm with two houses for restoration, includes architecture and engineering project.

1,540m2 land with centenary walnut tree, surrounded by meadows, located in the Azores.
Photo ET50-1: Oliveira Quinta 50,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Farm with two houses requiring modernisation and a large garage/store.

Around 2,500m2 fertile land with fruit trees and lots of water.
Photo HAR54: Riverside Building Plot 54,000 euros

Castanheira de Pera, Leiria
Riverside plot with planning permission for two houses (tourism possible). Additional plot with ruin and watermill.

1.1 hectares land with beautiful little river, private river beach, and small waterfall.
Photo CT55: Casa Beco (538/14) 55,000 euros

Ferreira do Zezere, Santarem
Pretty one bedroom stone house with beautiful wooden features and new, insulated roof.

2,560m2 plot with traditional bread oven, mature fruit and pine trees and good countryside views.
Photo BJN68: Vale Godinho 55,000 euros
Reduced from 68,000 euros
Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Registered rustic building and habitable agricultural building, ideal for off grid living. Mains electricity is possible.

3 hectares of south facing land, bordered by woodland with olive, fruit trees and grape vines. Lots of water.
Photo SAB70: Farm of the Valley 55,000 euros
Reduced from 70,000 euros
Castelo de Vide, Portalegre
Two storey country house ready to move in (74m2), located in a beautiful and quiet valley.

1,4ha of land with olive grove, grapes and various kind of fruit trees. Big water tank and well.
Photo RMCB55-1: Mountain Views Farm 55,000 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
Excellent property with registered house (95m2) for renovation. Possibility of building a new 2-storey house.

33,600m2 land area with fruit trees, olive groves, arable land, pine trees. Abundant water.

Photo MSILV70: Vale da Ribeira 55,000 euros
Reduced from 70,000 euros
Celorico da Beira, Guarda
Rural 4 bedroom house with large wine cellar and detached garage.

Large backyard, farmland, olive grove and vineyard split over different plots. Total land area 46,634m2 (4.6 hectares).
Photo FM57: Avocado House 57,000 euros
SOLD Subject to Contract
Tondela, Viseu
South facing village house, with two independent floors. Habitable but requires some renovation works.

3,000m2 fertile land with 2 outbuildings, a borehole and many fruit trees.
Photo ANB57: Quinta do Barreiros 57,450 euros

Idanha-a-Nova, Castelo Branco
Granite farm buildings to convert in habitation up to 440m2.

19,500m2 flat arable land with well and variuos trees such as: cork oak, oak, fig, around 20 olive and a pear tree.

Quiet area with very good access.
Photo RMCB57: Casa da Colina 57,500 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
One-storey farmhouse requiring just some modernization work. 3 bedrooms, several storage annexes.

2,3ha of land with fruti trees and olive grove. Beautiful and quiet location. Good access.
Photo ESF/F47: Stone Farmhouse 57,500 euros
Reduced from 67,500
Castanheira de Pera,
Ruin of a charming old stone farmhouse for complete renovation. Quiet, sunny location.

9,000m2 land with a well and water reservoir. Olive, fig and oak trees.
Photo ESF58: Vineyard Quinta 58,000 euros

Serta, Castelo Branco
Partially renovated stone house with the possibility to extend.

Well tended vineyard on a large piece of fertile land with some fruit trees and good water.
Photo DOW65: Quinta do Sobreira 58,000 euros
Reduced from 65,000 euros
Gois, Coimbra
Fabulous quinta with 4 room bungalow, and old house with 4 divisions currently used as stables.

Approximately 9,500m2 fertile land with paddocks, woodland, fruit trees, productive kitchen garden and spring for irrigation. Fantastic place for horses and/or self sufficiency!
Photo FM70: Quinta Entre Aguas 58,000 euros
Reduced from 70,000 euros
Arganil, Coimbra
Sunny quinta with 2 storey house, plus attic (75m2) for renovation.

7,000m2 land with developed forest, olive trees and river views. Fantastic river views!
Photo BOS58-1: Pesos Fundeiros 58,000 euros

Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Lovely valley quinta with stone ruins for rebuilding and a good sized caravan for immediate habitation.

9,600m2 south facing land with farming terraces, woodland and beautiful views.
Photo BOS58-2: Quinta with great potential 58,000 euros
Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Quinta located in a beautiful secluded sunny spot, surrounded by lush vegetation and open forest, with far reaching views over woods and fields.

Stone farm building (50m2) to convert and expand (up to 200m2).

20,000m2 of land ideal for self-suficiency, horses, etc.
Photo FIE70: Tomar House 59,000 euros
Under Offer
Tomar, Santarem
Fabulous quinta with 4 bedroom house with large kitchen, mains water and electricity.

1,200m2 land with established vegetable garden with fruit trees, animal shelters, hay barn and a small paddock.
Photo ONE59: Quinta Portela 59,000 euros

Coja, Coimbra
Fantastic 1 bedroom (en suite) renovated cottage with solar power and further ruin for renovation.

10,000m2 (1 hectare) terraced land with farmed cherry trees and natural water supply.
Photo ESF/F59: Mill House 59,000 euros

Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Partially renovated stone mill house, the inside can be divided to make a 2/3 bedroom home. Smaller ruin on the land, ideal for workshop.

5,000m2 (half a hectare) of land with terraces, woodland and on the edge of a beautiful small river.
Photo HIPP59: Land near Lake with Project 59,800 euros

Pedrogao Grande,
Property with approved building project for a house up to 400m2.

5,000m2 (1.25 acres) with old stone walls, olive trees, grapes, fruit and chestnut trees.
Photo SAN59-1: Quinta de Sao Martinho 59,995 euros

Seia, Guarda
Lovely quinta with one 2 storey house (80m2) double skinned with insulation. Secluded place yet easy accessible!

25,000 m2 of long terraces and forest area. All year round water and various fruit trees.
Photo BRAN60: Casa Florestal 60,000 euros

Tabua, Coimbra
Partially restored stone house, requiring completion. Perfect location for off grid living.

1 hectare land with plenty of oaks, cork oaks and grapevines. Bore hole for water, space for a swimming pool.
Photo LBA60: Organic Farm 60,000 euros new

Sobral de Monte Agraco, Lisbon
One small house to use as storage building or convert into habitation.

1,5ha of land with Certificate for Organic Farming with vineyard, olive trees, fruit trees and fenced vegetables garden.
Photo FM60: Moinhos do Dao 60,000 euros

Tondela, Viseu
Stunning property with one large water mill house and one small ruin for renovation.

1,5 ha of land with river frontage. Olive grove, pinewood and agricultural land.
Photo VP60: 4ha Quinta 60,000 euros

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
Granite ruin and animals shed.

43,000m2 of totally fenced land. Ancient cork oaks, olive and fruit trees. 3 wells supplying water.

Photo ESF60: Quintinha dos Matos 60,000 euros

Pombal, Leiria
Property with old character house needing some cosmetic and modernisation works. Storage outbuildings and 1 ruin that can be converted into a nice guests accommodation.

2000m2 of flat land for agriculture and gardens. Excellent sun exposure!
Photo ALV60: Quinta Boa Vista 60,000 euros

Tabua, Coimbra
Fantastic quinta with a barn (possible to use as a house) and a stone ruin for renovation.

8 hectares sunny land with lots of fruit trees and grapevines, plenty of water for irrigation. Perfect place for lovers of fruit and wine!
Photo PP/CC110: Lakeside Ruins 60,000 euros
Reduced from 110,000 euros
Santa Comba Dao, Coimbra
Ruins with approved project for 3 houses (main 2 bed house and two 1 bed cottages).

9,800m2 (0.98 hectare) plot of land on the lakeside.
Photo ALA70: Coja Quinta 60,000 euros
Reduced from 70,000 euros
Coja, Coimbra
Beautiful off grid 2 room schist cottage with compost toilet and solar hot water. Further stone ruin for renovation into a habitation.

9.3 hectares stunning land with terraces, chestnuts, fruit trees, waterfalls and panoramic views.
Photo IMO62: Castelo de Paiva 62,500 euros

Aveiro, Aveiro
Rustic granite house with solid structure for restoration. Mains services connected.

1,000m2 plot of land with excellent panoramic views.
Photo BOS63: Sunny farm with habitable house 63,000 euros

Serta, Castelo Branco
2 storey house, habitable, but requiring modernisation. Outbuildings that can be renovated. Private place with fantastic panoramic views.

4,200m2 of shallow south facing terraces with several fruit trees and young forest.
Photo RMCB63: 4,6ha Property 63,500 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
Several rural stone buildings and a big barn in cement blocks for renovation.

Stunning surrounding land with 4,6 ha of wide flat fields, good for pastures, agriculture, etc... Plenty of water. Ideal as an equestrian property or for agricultural investment.
Photo ODIL65: Quinta da Tapada 65,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Two storey stone building for renovation (48m2) situated in the midst of nature.

2 hectares land with woodland, meadow, olive trees and good sun exposure, ideal for solar.
Photo GAB65: Northern Farm 65,000 euros

Vila Nova de Cerveira,
Beautiful farm with 5 stone buildings, all requiring renovation and reconstruction. Excellent potential.

2 hectares of terraced land and open fields, ideal for organic agriculture. Many trees, including olives and fruit trees.
Photo FM65: Quinta da Aguieira 65,000 euros

Cabanas de Viriato, Viseu
Two buildings in good condition but in need of restoration.

4 hectares of productive land, mainly vines and some forest.
Photo BOS75: Agrias Pequena 65,000 euros
Reduced from 75,000 euros
Figueiro dos Vinhos, Leiria
Lovely large stone house and annex requiring interior renovation. Stone barn, ideal for converting into guest accommodation.

4,313m2 flat land with vines and fruit trees, small private courtyard with stone wall.

Photo WALL65: Alto do Portela 65,000 euros

Gouveia, Guarda
Renovated 2 bed granite stone house. Water and wiring for solar/generator electricity.

2,700m2 land in 2 sections divided by a track. Open sunny location, no neighbours, good access, great views.
Photo JLA67: Lugar da Chafariz 67,500 euros

Penamacor, Castelo Branco
Remarkable 2 bedroom granite house with mezzanine. Ready to move into.

1,520m2 easily maintained, fertile land with some mature olive and fruit trees. Ideal space for outdoors entertaining.
Photo ADH67-1: Quinta da Oliveira 67,500 euros

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
Superb quinta with a solid stone house for renovation. Outbuilding, electricity connected. Incredible views. Abundant water.

7 hectares with 600 registered olive trees. Ideal self-sufficiency / keeping animals.
Photo COLB68: Riverside Ruin 68,500 euros

Carregal do Sal, Viseu
Rustic riverside ruin with permission to extend to a 3 storey home. Fantastic views of the Mondego River.

1 hectare fertile land with around 80 metres of river frontage.
Photo JAO69: Ribeira da Varzea 69,000 euros

Tabua, Coimbra
Smallholding with a lovely little 2 bedroom cottage, with balcony, wine making area and a workshop.

Around an acre of flat land (split over several articles) with a fantastic water source, a barn and two ruins to rebuild.
Photo IMO69: Lovely Quinta 69,000 euros

Castelo de Paiva, Aveiro
2 bedrooms house with cellar and a second small house with bread oven and basement in a very sunny hillside with panoramic views.

3,3ha of pine forest and agricultural land with vineyard olive grove and other fruit trees.
Photo RMCB75: Casa das Rosas 69,000 euros
Reduced from 75,000
Fundao, Castelo Branco
98m2 granite stone house in need of interior renovation. Mains electricity, borehole and spring water.

8,400m2 (over 2 acres) land with grape vines and olive trees.
Photo CPH75: Casa das Colmeias 69,000 euros
Reduced from 75,000 euros
Castanheira de Pera, Leiria
Beautiful 3 bed house, annex and storage building.

The land is approx. 2000m2, mainly flat with different kind of fruit trees. Well maintained private garden with various plants. Furniture, tools, beehives and all equipment included in the sale.
Photo RMCB75-1: Off-Grid Smallholding 69,950 euros
Reduced from 75,000 euros
Idanha-a-Nova, Castelo Branco
Private self-sufficient property with a refurbished house with 1 bedroom, wine cellar and storage rooms.

4,500m2 of land with olive grove, fruit trees, agricultural land. Plenty of water from natural water spring. Quiet place with stunning views.
Photo SAN69-1: Quinta Sandomil 69,995 euros
Under Offer
Oliveira do Hospital, Guarda
Rare and beautiful quinta with traditional Portuguese slate ruins and outbuildings.

Approximately 4 hectares land with green pasture, terraces and a fast running small river. Ideal spot for community living.
Photo GATO100: Stone House 70,000 euros
Reduced from 79,000 euros
Almodovar, Beja
Restored stone house with 4 rooms, kitchen and bathroom. Solar and wind power for electricity. Ready to move into.

1,800m2 fertile land with fruit and olive trees.
Photo CT80-2: Casa Valdonas (872/09) 70,000 euros
Reduced from 80,000 euros
Detached traditional 2 bed cottage, habitable but would benefit from modernisation. Services connected.

4,000m2 (1 acre) of good fertile land, relatively flat, orange, lemon, peach & olive trees. Large well and storage tank for irrigation.
Photo AZO70: House with vineyard 70,000 euros

Lajes do Pico, Ilha do Pico - Acores
Two storey, 3 bedroom house for renovation, located in the Azores.

2,400m2 land with vineyard containing Seibel, Madeira and Cheiro grape varieties.
Photo ESF/F80-1: Quintinha da Ribeira 70,000 euros
Reduced from 80,000 euros
Figueiro dos Vinhos, Leiria
4 bedroom farmhouse with a spacious sunny balcony and storage rooms. Requires some small repairs.

4,000m2 sunny and flat land with a stream and a bore hole.
Photo RMCB72-1: Sao Vicente da Beira 72,000 euros

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
4 bed habitable farmhouse, further large house, two houses for renovation, and several outbuildings.

3,25 hectares with outbuildings, fruit and olive trees, pasture and lots of water. Stunning views.
Photo CLB89: Farmhouse Cottage 75,000 euros
Reduced from 89,950 euros
Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Renovated 2 bed stone quirky cottage, retains original features, ready to move in, rural ecological area. All services connected.

3,500m2 (near 1 acre) well maintained diverse land, flat pasture, terraces, olives, vines, organic veggie plot, great variety fruit trees . . . the good life awaits!
Photo GS75: Casa Bella Vista 75,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Recently restored stone mountain house with 2 floors and attic, requiring finishing.

1,000m2 land with olive and fruit trees and marvellous mountain views.
Photo ALV75: Pretty House 75,000 euros

Coja, Coimbra
Pretty 1 bedroom house with outside BBQ area and bread oven.

4 hectares land with lots of water for irrigation, and beautiful mountain views.
Photo AND80: Farm of Stairs 75,000 euros
Reduced from 80,000 euros
Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Beautiful farm with two stone houses for renovation.

2 hectares of productive land with many fruit trees including peaches and cherries. Ideal for vegetable growing.
Photo RMCB76: Granite Stone House 76,000 euros

Penamacor, Castelo Branco
Lovely granite stone house, totally refurbished and furnished.

8,924m2 of land bordered by a small water stream, with fruit trees, olive trees, agricultural and forest land. Very quiet and private place.
Photo ADH76: Quinta de Garrida 76,000 euros
Under Offer
Fundao, Castelo Branco
Picturesque farm with granite house for renovation. New roof and veranda with fantastic views, surrounded by fruit trees and vines.

1.7 hectares land with vineyard, cherry trees, 3 wells, great views, plus lots of fruit and olive trees.
Photo RMCB77: Quinta Bonita 77,500 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
Rural house requiring some cosmetic work.

34,430m2 of land area with pinewood, olive grove, fruit trees, vineyard, and pasture fields. Plenty of water. Ideal for agriculture/permaculture project.
Photo GAH79: Carapetosa Barn 79,000 euros

Castelo Branco,
Spectacular plot of land with a 45m2 barn for conversion. JCB included in the price. Wonderful mountain views

25 acres land with pine, oak and olive trees. Borehole for water.
Photo CT79: Nesperal Rustic (835/14) 79,000 euros

Two rustic stone buildings for renovation with traditional threshing area. Mains services connected.

8,000m2 land with lots of old cork oaks, olive and fruit trees. Ideal for keeping horses, goats or sheep.
Photo FM80: Quinta do Rio Dao 80,000 euros

Tondela, Viseu
River side property with 2 registered ruins for renovation. 60m2 in 2 floors. Suitable for two families.

40,000m2 of agricultural land, pinewood and native forest. Over 200metres of river frontage. Drinking water from natural spring. No neighbours.
Photo CK/EM80: Vivenda Crastos 80,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Building plot in peaceful location surrounded by nature, yet close to city centre. Council approval to build up to 210m2.

1.47 hectares agricultural and forest land.
Photo MARC80: Quinta Do Casal 80,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
2 bedroom, 2 storey stone house with storage rooms on the lower level.

2,286m2 agricultural land with olive trees, fruit trees, grape vines, well and water mine.
Photo CT80: Casa Rabacal (502/14) 80,000 euros

Penela, Coimbra
One bedroom restored stone house with new roof and character features.

Set on a plot of 400m with a pretty landscaped garden and good countryside views.
Photo MOR80: Corte Figueira 80,000 euros

Almodovar, Beja
Impressively large house, partially renovated in the traditional Portuguese style.

2,000m2 land with outbuildings, fruit trees and plenty of space for a garden, swimming pool and car parking space.
Photo ESF/C97: Quintinha Arega 80,000 euros
Reduced from 97,500 euros
Figueiro dos Vinhos, Leiria
Pretty quinta with 3 interconnected houses (each with 2 bedrooms), ready to move into, lots of storage space.

1,000m2 land with magnificent views and a well with abundant water.
Photo FM82: Quinta do Doutor 82,000 euros

Carregal do Sal, Viseu
Beautiful farm with 2 storey stone building (90m2), and 70m2 registered water mill. Stunning views and river frontage.

68,000m2 land with forest and agricultural land. South facing, ideal location for off grid living.
Photo BIR84: Fig Tree Farm 84,000 euros

Penacova, Coimbra
Beautiful smallholding with 2 houses joined together, with the possibility to divide into 4 apartments.

0.8 hectares of sloping and terraced land with abundant fruit trees, olive trees, grape vines and others.
Photo MPW85: Monforte da Beira 85,000 euros

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
Beautiful, spacious, light, 2 bedroomed house with all year round deck.

2500m2 land with lots of fruit and olive trees. Mains electricity and own water supply
Photo CT95: Casa Chaos (595/14) 85,000 euros
Reduced from 95,000 euros
Tomar, Santarem
Spacious 3 bedroom house, ready to move into, with further buildings for reconstruction.

4,160m2 fertile land with fruit trees and enough space to grow vegetables.
Photo ALV85: Xisto House 85,000 euros

Coja, Coimbra
This beautiful 'Xisto' 2 bedroomed house has been very tastefully renovated keeping a lot of original stone features and wooden beams.

The 400m2 of land already has an existing garden and potential for lots more!

Photo RAM100: Casa Sobral de Sao Miguel 85,000 euros

Covilha, Castelo Branco
Wonderful 3 bedroom house, habitable but would benefit from a deep renovation. Located in the Aldeia do Xisto network, on the Roman Salt Route.

Two parcels of land (200m2 and 1.5 hectares) with fruit trees, vegetable plots and lots of potential!
Photo CT100: Tres Casas de Campo (827/09) 85,000 euros

3 stone country cottages - one restored, two need renovation, electric & mains water connected. Ideal for holiday rental.

9,000m2 (2.25 acres) land with mature fruit trees, outbuildings, well for irrigation & borehole.
Photo MON175: Renovated Farmhouse 89,000 euros
Reduced from 105,000 euros
Tomar, Leiria
Two renovated houses, both with 2 bedrooms, ideal for a family or community living. May be possible to build further apartments.

4,500m2 land with olive trees, figs, walnuts and forest. Plenty of space for keeping chickens or other animals.
Photo PED89: Quinta de Valtibao 89,000 euros

Entroncamento, Santarem
1 bedroom house in need of renovation. Borehole water.

7.4 hectares organic land with large field, great biodiversity, and woodland (mostly oak).
Photo CT110-2: Casa Macas (555/14) 90,000 euros
Reduced from 99,000 euros
Alvaiazere, Santarem
Renovated, detached 3 bedroom house with fantastic views.

8,680m2 fertile land with fruit trees and a well for irrigation.
Photo HAR90: Vale da Cerejeira 90,000 euros

Serta, Castelo Branco
One rustic house and 2 ruins for renovation.

Approx 1ha of land with olive trees, located in a beautiful and quiet place very close to a river.
Photo CDE90: Tabua Cottage 90,000 euros

Tabua, Coimbra
Habitable stone cottage with 3 bedrooms, patio and garage.

4,000m2 land with a well for irrigation - perfect for growing vegetables. A further 2 hectares may be available for those seriously interested in self sufficiency.
Photo GOW100: Village House 90,000 euros
Reduced from 100,00 euros
Arganil, Coimbra
Beautiful 3 bedroom village house with large storage area.

Flat land with many mature fruit and olive trees. Very nice views!
Photo GUER90: Quinta Biologica 90,000 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
2 stone ruins for renovation. Fantastic mountain views.

3 hectares land for organic agriculture, with 3 stone wells for water and over 50 olive trees.
Photo ADH92: Quinta de Entre Serras 92,500 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
Beautiful smallholding with one granite house and one annex for renovation.

3,8ha of land with all sorts of fruit trees, grape vines, various spring water supplies, olive grove, woodland and fabulous views to the mountains.
Photo ESF/C119: Casa Alqueva 95,000 euros
Reduced from 119,500 euros
Evora, Evora
Alentejo located 3 bedroom house with 1 bedroom guest house and equipped workshop. Ready to move into.

Garden with BBQ area, shower area and outdoors dining area. Various fruit trees and olive trees.
Photo ESF/G99: Casa Alentejo 95,000 euros
Reduced from 99,000 euros
Alentejo village property with 3 bedroom house, 1 bedroom guesthouse and workshop. Ready to move into.

Garden with outdoors dining area, fruit trees, vegetable plot and animal shelters.
Photo BOS95: Herdade Foz de Besteiro 95,000 euros

Aljezur, Faro
Beautiful smallholding with 4 houses/ruins for renovation, currently built in the traditional compacted clay fashion.

5.2 hectares land in a nature conservation area, with plenty of spring water, and rich deep soil. Ideal permaculture project.
Photo ESF125: Stone Mill House 95,000 euros
Reduced from 125,000 euros
Castanheira de Pera, Leiria
Unique property with stunning stone mill house for renovation (2 bedroom house possible).

8,885m2 lovely flat land with south boundary river. Lots of privacy and character.
Photo MRA150: Casa Pedra 95,000 euros
Reduced from 150,000 euros
Viseu, Viseu
Unique 2 bedroom stone house with bathroom with natural stone feature. Old stone mill and ruin alongside the house.

Garden surrounded by stone walls, pine, chestnut and oak forest. 1 acre of protected riverside land with stony and sandy beach.

Photo ESF/G120: Quinta Nogueira 95,000 euros
Reduced from 120,000 euros
Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Typical Portuguese farm with 4 bedroom, fully furnished and equipped house. Ready to move into.

Walled garden, courtyard, areas for animals and terraced land for further cultivation.
Photo RMTR96: Quinta de Porto Carro 96,500 euros

Cernache do Bonjardim, Leiria
Great farm with a 2-storey dwelling house built back in the fifties. Storage rooms and garage.

14,302m2 total area. Land with well, fruit trees, vines, agricultural area and gardens.
Photo CT122: Farmhouse (5109/14) 97,000 euros
Reduced from 122,000 euros
Cernache do Bonjardim, Castelo Branco
Detached 5 bedroom farmhouse, habitable with many storage areas and annexes.

9,120m2 land with mature grapevines, olive and fruit trees, space for keeping animals and a well with drinking water.
Photo CKA97: Quinta do Matinho 97,500 euros

Portalegre, Portalegre
Farm with the possibility to construct a 250m2 house, or create a rural tourism project. Spectacular views.

5.4 hectares (54,250m2) land with water sources, olive trees and trees for firewood. Ideal for self sufficiency.
Photo SNC98-1: Quinta das Rolas (R008H) 98,000 euros

Plot with planning permission for house 300m2 each floor (maximum 2 levels) and outbuildings 476m2.

11,540m2 (1.15 hectares) flat land. Country views.

Photo FM99: Quinta da Malcata 99,000 euros

Cabanas de Viriato, Viseu
Very beautiful river side property with 3 buildings. Ideal for off-grid, community living.

Over 10ha of forest and very fertile agricultural land. Fantastic views!
Photo TRC99: Quinta da Paz 99,000 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
Ready to move in 3 bed detached solar powered house with 170m2. Garage / workshop, BBQ and patio area.

10,000m2 land area with fruit and olive trees. Fertile ground for vegetables planting, herbs, ochards... Plenty of water for irrigation.
Photo CT130-4: Povoa Farmhouse (508/11) 99,000 euros
Reduced from 130,000 euros
Serta, Coimbra
Detached stone farmhouse, part restored preserving original features, electric & water connected.

10,000m2 (2.5 acres) of fertile & flat land, mature olive trees, small pine forest, borehole & 2 wells.
Photo KVA99: Vale de Corgos de Baixo 99,999 euros

Portimao, Faro
A unique property with one stone cottage for renovation and one outbuilding to rebuild.

5,5ha of land facing the river. Fantastic location with views to Algarve coast.
Photo TJF100: Lourosa Ranch 100,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
2 bedroom wooden cabin with open plan kitchen, dining and living area, and veranda with views to the mountains. Ruin with building permission.

Pretty garden. 3 hectares pasture land. 40m2 barn, stables, goat and pig pens. Water from 4 Roman wells.
Photo MGCR100: Quinta Ribeira 100,000 euros

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
Stunning olive tree farm with permission to build a house anywhere on the property. Subsidy available to plant 7,000 olive trees.

10.5 hectares land with a good river running through, and a man made lake. Perfect for the hot weather!
Photo NOR50: North Plot 100,000 euros

Monchique, Faro
Beautiful plot with outline permission to construct a 4 bedroom house with swimming pool.

3 hectares land in an area of outstanding natural beauty with West Coast views.
Photo NOR79: South Plot 100,000 euros

Monchique, Faro
Beautiful plot with outline permission to construct a 3 bedroom house with garage.

10 hectares land in an area of outstanding natural beauty with West Coast views.
Photo JIM105: Alentejo cottage 105,000 euros

Alegrete, Portalegre
Authentic, Alentejo stone cottage with two stone ruins.

1 acre of fertile land with lots of mature trees, great water and beautiful, wooded surroundings.
Photo BOS105: Quinta de Painha 105,000 euros

Pedrogao Pequeno, Castelo Branco
Ready to move in Quinta with spacious house (240m2) and stone outbuilding for renovation.

8,750m2 of agricultural land and forest.

Sunny, elevated and secluded location with breathtaking views, but still centrally located with excellent access to the main roads and other amenities.
Photo CT120-3: House & Cottage (521/07) 106,000 euros

Four storey, 5 bedroom house in habitable condition and stone cottage in need of renovation.

7,800m2 (just under 2 acres) land with fruit and olive trees, grape vines, and a well.

Photo CPH109: Buda Cottage 109,000 euros

Ansiao, Leiria
Beautiful, spacious 2 bedroomed, stone house with large terrace and courtyard.

3000m2 land with great potential for a vegetable garden, many fruit trees and great views.
Photo BOS110: Ribeiro Pesos 110,000 euros
Under Offer
Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Stunning permaculture retreat with natural stone and wooden house, compost toilet and small guest chalet.

1,6 hectares land with gorgeous gardens, own water source, just 5 minutes from the lake - truly paradise!
Photo SSO110: Quinta Sao Julio 110,000 euros

Portalegre, Portalegre
Quinta with 1 bedroom renovated rustic guesthouse and partly renovated 3 bedroom house.

2,308m2 terraced land with a variety of fruit trees, corn circle and a stream that flows all year round.
Photo ESF115: Manor House 110,000 euros
Reduced from 115,000 euros
Gois, Coimbra
Old manor house and guesthouse, habitable with a total of 3 bedrooms, but requires renovations to complete.

4,500m2 good farmland, with animal shed and many fruit trees, ideal for small scale self sufficiency. Possibility to buy more land if required.
Photo JLA140: Sitio do Malhao 119,000 euros

Monchique, Faro
Rare property with 3 houses and the possibility to construct up to 200m. Set in an excellent natural reserve with walking routes.

13.15 hectares split over two plots of land, with mature trees. Ideal for organic farming.
Photo CEL148: Farmhouse 119,995 euros
Reduced from 129,995 euros
Gois, Coimbra
Beautiful, refurbished farmhouse with swimming pool and studio.

Three sections of land approx 6000m2 with plenty of fruit trees. One area is wooded.
Photo EVA120: Palras de Cima 120,000 euros

Penela, Coimbra
Three houses (one renovated, one for renovation, and one in ruins) in beautiful location jut 2.5km from Penela.

Circa 3,000m2 (3/4 acre) grounds with olive, orange, lemon, fig, nectarine, pear and apple trees.

Photo CT120-4: Casa Casais (548/14) 120,000 euros

Tomar, Santarem
South facing 3 bedroom detached stone house with bread oven and barbecue area. Ready to move into.

2,337m2 with mature fruit trees and workshop/adega/animal shed building.
Photo RMTR120: Requeira Schist Houses 120,000 euros

Pampilhosa da Serra, Coimbra
Lakeside property (1500m2) with 6 schist houses in good conditions. Stunning views! Excellent conditions for rural tourism complex.

Land area with several terraces and trees such as oaks, pine, acacias and some olive trees.
Photo BCR135: Casa Xisto Dois 120,000 euros
Reduced from 135,000 euros
Arganil, Coimbra
Slate house with 2 bedrooms, currently undergoing renovation, sold completed. Attached ruin ideal for conversion.

7,000m2 land with gardens, vines, fruit, olive and nut trees.
Photo CT120-2: Farm Cottage (510/10) 120,000 euros
Ferreira do Zezere,
Beautifully restored 2 bed stone farmhouse cottage, mains electric & water connected. Plus detached cottage to renovate, and several storage buildings.

Set on 5,040m2 (over 1.25 acres) of gently sloping fertile land with lots of olive and variety of fruit trees. Lovely views.
Photo ISA125: Casa Caramulo 125,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Spacious 2 bedroom house. Water and electricity connected.

4,200m2 of land with lots of olive and various fruit trees.

Photo PAU129: Alentejo farmhouse 125,000 euros
Reduced from 129,950 euros
Marvao, Portalegre
Beautiful farmhouse (100m2) with separate licensed holiday rental barn conversion. Several outbuildings and swimming pool.

5500m2 of fenced land with well-maintained gardens and part of large rocks and cork trees. Excellent access.
Photo PET145: Peaceful Quinta 125,000 euros
Reduced from 145,000 euros
Arganil, Coimbra
Lovely quinta with 3 bedroom farmhouse and attached 2 bedroom cottage; renovation project requiring completion.

2,000m2 land with olive trees, a barn, courtyard. Elevated location with fantastic views.
Photo ESF/G125: Manor House 125,000 euros

Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Majestic spacious Portuguese manor house with 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and a large kitchen.

Flat fertile land, behind the house and across the street, ideal for cultivating fruit and vegetables. Large barn, ideal for workshops or storage.
Photo RMTR126: Golara Farmhouse 126,000 euros

Serta, Castelo Branco
2 storey house, ready to move in, with 6 bedrooms and one storage building.

Land with 5026m2 area. Garden, bbq area, olive trees, fruit trees and vineyard. Quiet location.
Photo DDV127: Vale do Barco House 127,500 euros

Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Dwelling House with 2 floors and one attic, garage, wine cellar and bread oven in a nice and quiet village.

Walled land with fruit trees and agricultural area.
Photo VP128: Old Mill House 128,500 euros

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
A beautiful, riverside, old mill which has been renovated into a 1 bedroom habitable house. There is also a ruin for renovation to create more habitable space/guest accommodation.

2 hectares of land with 300m river frontage and existing olive and fruit trees.
Photo RMCB130: 5 bed House 130,000 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
Ready to move in 2 storey house with 5 bedrooms (250m2 area).

2,850m2 walled land with garden, agricultural area, swimming pool. Amazing landscape.
Photo ASP130: Mondego Valley Farm 130,000 euros

Celorico da Beira, Guarda
Beautiful granite house for renovation. With a porch and outside granite walls.

8,5ha of land with excelent conditions for agriculture.
Photo IMO130: Eira House 130,000 euros

Aveiro, Aveiro
Fantastic rural property with 3 bedroom main house and 1 bedroom smaller cottage, both fully furnished.

800m2 land, located in a beautiful green valley with forest and good sun exposure.
Photo PORT150: Pretty Farmhouse 130,000 euros
Reduced from 150,000 euros
Vila Nova de Poiares, Coimbra
Pretty 2 bedroom farmhouse, ready to move into. Stone barn ideal for renovating into an apartment or large workshop.

Landscaped garden with trappers tent, shepherds hut bathroom, plunge pool and plenty of fruit.
Photo SAR130: Mole House 130,000 euros

Tomar, Santarem
Imposing stone house and a lovely 2 bed cottage with its own fenced garden.

Total plot area is 1160m2. It has a good sized garden with mature fruit trees. Very nice location near a historical town.
Photo RMCB130-1: Sunset Quinta 130,000 euros

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
Very nice property with a 2-storey house ready to move in.

2,3ha of land with garden, various fruit trees, fenced area for animals. Very quiet area with amazing views.
Photo ESF/C130-1: Quinta Netos 130,000 euros

Ansiao, Leiria
Quinta with two houses (both with two bedrooms), fully furnished, ready to move into.

2,650m2 garden and fenced yard with fruit trees, a well and far reaching views.
Photo ESF135: Casa dos Cavalos 135,000 euros

Cernache do Bonjardim, Castelo Branco
Nice 2 bedrooms house (122m2 area) with central-heating system, a pool, BBQ area and guests accomodation.

1ha of land with several fruit trees, forest area and a covered area for horses. Quiet place, completely surrounded by nature!
Photo LOWE140: Ameixial Cottage 140,000 euros

Loule, Faro
Nice 4 bed cottage and 2 outbuilding. Ready to move in.

20,000m2 of land area. Quiet location close to all amenities. Very nice views!
Photo ROLF145: Quinta da Bica 145,000 euros

Tabua, Coimbra
Beautifully restored 3 bedroom granite farmhouse with south facing balcony.

10,000m2 (1 hectare) land with barn, chicken area, woodland and many fruit trees.
Photo RMCB147: Quinta dos Sobreiros 147,500 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
Magnificent granite stone 2-storey house with 123m2 area. Great potencial!

4,5ha of land with fruit trees, cork-oaks, olive grove and pine forest. Plenty of water and breathtaking views.
Photo HAR149: Sarzeda Villa 149,000 euros

Ansiao, Leiria
Unique stone villa with 3 bedrooms, terrace with lovely views and a BBQ area. Ready to move into.

6,000m2 land with a huge variety of olive and fruit trees, 2 wells for irrigation and a swimming pool.
Photo MES149: Lamas Cottage 149,000 euros

Coimbra, Coimbra
Lovely rustic cottage with 3 bedrooms and a balcony. Simply furnished, ready to move into.

Spacious garden with fruit trees and outside dining area, as well as 5,000m2 land (consisting of a number of smaller plots).
Photo FAGE149: Quinta da Touriga 149,000 euros
SOLD Subject to Contract
Viseu, Viseu
Unique quinta with 5 buildings, requiring various levels of renovation (some habitable). Fantastic opportunity for a community, or tourism project.

5.5 hectares land, ideal for horses or other animals; located in the Dao wine region.
Photo SAN149: Casa Rosa 149,950 euros

Beautiful rare colonial house with large veranda. Possibility to build tourist accommodation.

5,000m2 attached land with olive and fruit trees, well for water.
Photo VITA150: Aveiro Ruin 150,000 euros

Aveiro, Aveiro
Beautiful house in ruins on the margins of the Ria de Aveiro.

1,600m2 land, a piece of paradise in a quiet location.
Photo AZO150: Atlantic Ruins 150,000 euros

Lajes do Pico, Ilha do Pico - Acores
Land with 6 ruins for rebuilding, with a wide seaview of the North Atlantic.

6,250m2 land in the Azores.
Photo CT157: Quinta Girassol (703/09) 157,000 euros

Traditional style 2 bed farmhouse, habitable but would benefit from some restoration. Mains electric & water are connected.

12,811m2 (over 3 acres) of good agricultural flat land, ideal for grazing horses.
Photo LEE159: Lake Dream 159,000 euros
SOLD Subject to Contract
Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
Stunning lakeside paradise with an existing ruin and a broad range of development possibilities.

7.4 hectares land with 500m lakefront, meadow, terraces and much more to enjoy.
Photo MHA159: Stone House Ansiao 159,000 euros

Ansiao, Leiria
Beautifully renovated large stone house with a spacious terrace and veranda for outdoor dining all year round.

5000m2 of productive terraced land with well established vines for the budding wine maker, enough olive trees for year round olive oil and many fruit trees.

Photo CDE160: Cottage 160,000 euros

Coja, Coimbra
Beautifully renovated 3 bedroom cottage with swimming pool and large terrace. There is also a 60m2 ruin which could be restored for guest accommodation.

1700m2 of land with lots of potential and the surrounding land is stunning wooded hills.
Photo NPE160: Special Schist House 160,000 euros

Gois, Coimbra
An off grid beautifully designed and tastefully restored, furnished 3 bedroom house. Has been renovated using many local artisans. An absolute must see!

Amazingly fertile 4 hectares most of which can be cultivated. There are already many mature sweet chestnut trees and cork trees. There is an abundance of water due to the many levadas(traditional waterways). Perfect for a permaculture project or community.

Photo NUN160: Crescent Estate 160,000 euros

Plot with approved plans for a rural tourism project or community of 7 wooden houses, 2 stone houses and a large hall.

9,761m2 fertile, terraced land with fruit trees, chestnuts and abundant natural springs.
Photo COR160: Organic Fruit Farm 160,000 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
One renovated rustic granite farmhouse, ready to move in.

17,000m2 (4.2 acre) organic fruit farm. Excellent opportunity to buy an already producing organic farm.
Photo ESF/C160: Pessegueiro Farm 160,000 euros

Pampilhosa da Serra, Coimbra
Fully furnished 5 bedroom house with far reaching views and lots of storage space.

About 9,000m2 land split over several plots (partly attached to the house, another close by), with fruit and olive trees.
Photo ANR160: New Cottage 160,000 euros

Serta, Castelo Branco
New 3 bedroom cottage built part in stone and part in wood. Ready to move into. Stage payments possible.

9,500m2 plot (just under a hectare), garden with fruit and olive trees

Photo RMCB163: 25ha Quinta 163,000 euros

Fundao, Castelo Branco
Two agricultural granite stone buildings for renovation.

25ha of land with a lot of potencial, various fruit trees, olive grove, vineyard, farming land and pastures. Plenty of water. Stunning surrounding landscape.
Photo ONE164: Casa Portela 164,000 euros

Coja, Coimbra
Unique off grid property with two self contained apartments and natural drinking water. Possible to extend the property.

10,000m2 (1 hectare) rich terraced agricultural land with sunset views.

Photo JBR195: Brazinas House 165,000 euros

Castanheira de Pera, Leiria
Rustic newly renovated 3/4 bedroom country house riverside.

15,000m2 of land. 9,000m2 is flat farming land.

Private location but not isolated. South facing.
Photo ESF/FF220: Camping Park 165,000 euros
Reduced from 220,000 euros
Cernache do Bonjardim,
3 bedroom house and surrounding land with infrastructure for a campsite. Contents and equipment on property all included.

9,200m2 fertile and productive land with several fruit trees and 2 wells. Great opportunity for rural tourism.
Photo CPH165: Casa da Eira 165,000 euros

Ansiao, Leiria
Renovated large stone house. One stone shed and one annex ideal for guest-house or workshop.

4500m2 land area. Secluded location on the outskirts of a village.
Photo MMW200: Quinta da Tapada 165,000 euros
Reduced from 200,000 euros
Well maintained, ready to move into quinta with a 4 bedroom house. Good holiday let opportunity.

2.1 hectares of farmland with pasture, woodland, flower and vegetable gardens.
Photo ALV240: Lakeside House 165,000 euros
Reduced from 240,000 euros
Tabua, Viseu
Lakeside property with a 2 bedroom house and another building for restoration.

4 hectares land with fruit trees, vines, well and water tank. Bread oven and BBQ area.
Photo FM165: Casa Candosa (1) 165,000 euros

Tabua, Coimbra
Prestigious 5 bedroom (all en-suite) family house with gorgeous mountain views.

4,000m2 land with established vineyard.
Photo CT168: Casa Tomar (539/14) 168,000 euros

Tomar, Santarem
Detached 4 bedroom house,with original features and swimming pool.

2,840m2 land with fenced garden with fruit trees, well and water storage tank.

Photo RFR168: Quinta Entre Aguas 168,500 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Renovated stone house with 250m2 footprint area. 2 outbuildings.

22,000m2 of land with woodland and farm land. Several water springs and wells. Bordered by 2 water streams. Totally Organic farm.
Photo CDE199: Old house 169,000 euros
Reduced from 199,000 euros
Arganil, Coimbra
109 year old 3 bedroomed house renovated with good taste and keeping many original features. Comfortable pool area also done with good taste.

1000m2 garden with raised beds, fish pond and rainwater storage.
Photo NUN169: Quinta Souto Lafoes 169,000 euros

Viseu, Viseu
Two granite stone houses for renovation in a peaceful, idyllic location.

6 hectares fertile land with large chestnut and fruit trees and two abundant springs for water.
Photo ET175: Lageosa Quinta 175,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Stunning house built around large rock which adds much character. Ready to move into. Further granite ruin for renovation.

3 hectares land with fruit trees, space for animals, several outbuildings.
Photo BON199: Quinta de Mourao 175,000 euros
Reduced from 199,000 euros
Tabua, Coimbra
Tastefully renovated 3 bedroom granite house with various outbuildings, small plunge pool, veranda and 6m yurt pad.

2.5 acres terraced land with Shiraz and Merlot grapevines, olive trees and water from a well.
Photo ALV235-1: Casa Oito 175,000 euros

Recently built (8 years old) rustic style house with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Ready to move into.

45,500m2 land.
Photo ESF/F177: Vale Zebras 177,500 euros

Figueiro dos Vinhos, Leiria
Large 4 bedroom house with south facing balcony, spacious attic and garage with lots of storage.

2,304m2 surrounding land with borehole and water tank. Ideal amount of space for a vegetable garden.
Photo CDE180: Manor House 180,000 euros

Arganil, Coimbra
Amazing manor house with many rooms, habitable but requires some restoration. Stunning original features.

5,000m2 land and a private courtyard. Plenty of space for food growing and/or keeping chickens!
Photo AINS185: Granite House 185,000 euros

Braga, Braga
Spacious granite-fronted 4 bed detached house plus 2 bed apartment. Fitness room and outbuildings.

1,650m2 land with swimming pool, fruit, nut and olive trees. Stunning views.
Photo ESF186: Quinta da Vida 186,000 euros

Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
One stone house with 3 bedrooms, and a watermil, solar powered, both fully renovated and ready to move in.

Riverside eco-property with 1,75ha of land, fruit trees, water springs.. Very private place among nature with magnificent views.
Photo PDA218: Casa Das Ermidas 189,000 euros
Reduced from 209,000 euros
Penacova, Coimbra
Restored 3 bedroom 1920s house and period outbuildings. All contents included!

4,000m2 (1 acre) fenced garden with mature olive, fruit and nut trees and veg patch.
Photo CT189: Casa Alvaiazere 189,500 euros

Alvaiazere, Santarem
Recently built 3 bedroom bungalow with spacious open plan kitchen/living/dining area.

Land with fruit trees, beautiful elevated position with fantastic views.
Photo LOUR190: Tiriky 190,000 euros

Ferreira do Zezere, Santarem
Private, recently renovated 3 bedroom villa with balcony, fully furnished kitchen and solar electricity.

2 hectares land with a well and water mine. Great potential for rural tourism.
Photo ADE195: Casa do Poco Velho 195,000 euros

Mortagua, Viseu
Stunning 4 bedroom (all en-suite) family home with rustic features and modern comforts. Fully furnished, ready to move into.

About 1/2 acre gently sloping south facing land with some terraces, established fruit trees and grapevines.
Photo ROTE195: Quinta da Bondade 195,000 euros

Ansiao, Leiria
A hundred year old granite farmhouse with beautiful unobstructed views. Further renovation work possible with space for a guesthouse/bed and breakfast.

3,000m2 land divided over 3 plots with olive trees, fruit trees and a walled garden.

Photo HILD220: Moinho da Roca 198,000 euros
Reduced from 220,000 euros
Abrantes, Santarem
Stunning 3 bedroom watermill, restored with natural materials, with solar, wind and hydro electricity.

5,360m2 land with a large vegetable garden and about 200m burbling stream.
Photo MID220: Vale da Vermelha 198,000 euros

Vila Nova de Poiares, Coimbra
Fantastic 2 bedroom riverside house, modern with rustic features, in a unique woodland location. Ready to move into.

8,500m2 agricultural land and woodland reserve with large workshop, intact barn and areas for keeping chickens.
Photo PEM215: Casa Nogueira 199,000 euros

Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Large stone farmhouse plus self-contained holiday annexe. Outbuildings and bread oven.

Walled courtyard garden with swimming pool, veg garden, and 4 acres land with grape vines, olive and fruit trees.
Photo AVR199: Quinta dos Madeiros 199,000 euros

Aldeia das Dez, Coimbra
10 year old, 3 bedroom house. Ready to move into. Garage, swimming pool and ruin for renovation/rebuild.

15,000m2 (1.5 hectares) of terraced land with many fruit trees, nuts, grape vines and other trees.
Photo RTU199: Country House 199,950 euros

Alegrete, Leiria
Beautiful 3 bedroom house with south facing sun terraces all year round for outdoor eating. Also has a refurbished mill house and other outbuildings.

2 acres of terraced land, some of which is already landscaped. Many mature trees and 100m river frontage so water never a problem.
Photo RUS200: Rustic House 200,000 euros

Vila Nova de Poiares, Coimbra
Large traditional 4 or more bedroom house, ready to renovate, with inner courtyard and a variety of room sizes.

12,000m2 land with large barn, olive grove and traditional farm equipment.
Photo NOR100: Monchique Plot 200,000 euros

Monchique, Faro
Beautiful land with two good sized stone ruins for development, with outline planning permission.

13 hectares land with some terraces, in an area of outstanding natural beauty with West Coast views. Fantastic for birdwatching.

Photo CK/EM200: Quinta Ortigueira 200,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Granite stone ruin on a beautiful rock, to be renovated to a larger, 2 storey habitation. May be possible to build a new construction as well.

5.4 hectares of mixed land with pasture, woodland and fruit trees.
Photo JMZ250: Valada 210,000 euros
Reduced from 250,000 euros
Figueiro dos Vinhos, Leiria
Beautifully presented 4 bedroom house plus separate 1 bedroom guesthouse. Ready to move into.

Circa 10,00m2 (1 hectare). Swimming pool with terrace & BBQ. Grape vines, olive trees, & vegetable plot with large greenhouse.

Photo PBR235: Quinta do Cavalo 215,000 euros
Reduced from 235,000 euros
Serta, Castelo Branco
Stunning property with very spacious 2 storey house, professionally renovated. Most furniture itens are included in the sale price!

5,000m2 (1.25 acres) land with several kinds of fruit trees and berries, herbs and other plants. Horse stable and fenced fields.
Photo FM215: Casa Candosa (2) 215,000 euros

Tabua, Coimbra
Prestigious 5 bedroom (all en-suite) family house. Possibility construct 3 more houses on the land.

2 hectares land with outbuildings and established vineyard.
Photo ONE223: Off Grid Quinta 223,000 euros

Coja, Coimbra
Fantastic off grid house and apartments with a ruin for renovation, solar power and natural drinking water.

20,000m2 rich agricultural terraced land with cherry and olive trees. Private location.
Photo ESF/F225: Pedrogao Quinta 225,000 euros

Pedrogao Grande, Leiria
Furnished 3 bedroom house, ready to move into. Many outbuildings and storage areas.

26,000m2 sunny farmland with fruit trees and a large area of woodland, ideal for firewood.
Photo NEL225: Casa Amarela 225,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
3 bedroom renovated Alentejo farmhouse. All services connected. Ready to move in.

2,500m2 with courtyard, well, and fruit trees. Adjoining 5,500m2 organic olive grove.
Photo CAH225: Casa do Vale Lourenco 225,000 euros

Portalegre, Portalegre
Very beautiful country house with 4 double bedrooms. Wonderful views to the valley.

8900m2 land area with 240m alongside a mountain water stream. A peaceful rural retreat.
Photo ET200: Quinta da Laranjeira 225,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Pretty 3 bedroom farmhouse with modern amenities and self contained basement with en-suite.

3 acres fenced land with forest and land for cultivation. Stunning views of the Estrela mountains.
Photo CDE230: Manor House 230,000 euros

Trancoso, Guarda
Partially restored XVII century manor house. Fabulous interior. Far-reaching views.

600m2 land with a garden, pool and outbuildings.
Photo CT235: Casa Carregueiros (537/14) 235,000 euros

Tomar, Santarem
Detached 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms, solar hot water and a 2 car garage. Incredible countryside views.

3,800m2 private land with a low maintenance garden and woodland.
Photo CT238: Serrada Stone House (553/13) 238,000 euros

Figueiro dos Vinhos, Leiria
Fantastic 3 bedroom restored stone house with independent apartment, separate entertainment/bar lounge area and a swimming pool.

3,800m2 land with mature fruit trees including avocado and banana. Several animals shelters and chicken coops on the land.

Photo LEO340: Quinta das Mestras 240,000 euros
Reduced from 340,000 euros
Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Lovely quinta with facilities to run a 5 bedroom Bed & Breakfast. Main house with large living room and veranda with garden views.

5 hectares fertile land with a stream. Private valley location with donkeys - good situation for keeping horses.
Photo HAAK240: Cotifo Bravura 240,000 euros

50% co-ownership in a rustic property with farmhouse for restoration, historic watermill and caretakers house.

15 hectares land with stonewalled terraces, mixed forest, gardens and canal irrigation system.
Photo CT295: Lakeview Farmhouse (507/11) 245,000 euros

Ferreira do Zezere, Leiria
Pretty farmhouse plus 2 self contained guest apartments, all nicely restored & located just 4 minutes walk from lake.

Over 2.25 acres (9,268m2) of mainly level fields & forest, with mature plants around farmhouse.
Photo CAMA270: Casa Oliveira 248,000 euros
Reduced from 270,000 euros
Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Reconstructed old stone house with 4 bedrooms (one en-suite), 4 bathrooms, solar panels and mountain views.

1.8 hectares land with 2 water mines and a shed with 3 rooms.
Photo JOO289: Quinta da Lavandeira 249,000 euros
Reduced from 289,000 euros
Braga, Braga
Gorgeous quinta with a 2 bedroom restored house and a smaller recently restored granite house.

2 hectares with gardens, woodland and fruit trees.
Photo CDE250: Stone house 250,000 euros

Tabua, Coimbra
Beautifully renovated stone house with two wooden houses. Perfect for rural tourism.

The land is 3000m2 ready to turn into a fruit orchard or large vegetable garden
Photo CT250: Casa Grande (518/12) 250,000 euros

Ferreira do Zezere,
Large 7 bed house plus 2 storey barn in secluded yet not isolated location.

Set on 34,307m2 (over 8.5 acres) mixture of woodland, orchards with vast variety of fruit trees, mature vineyard, good agricultural land & a swimming pool. Ideal for a self-sufficient lifestyle.
Photo ROU360: Quinta dos Ares 250,000 euros
Reduced from 360,000 euros
Celorico da Beira, Guarda
Historical property with one old house with a project for a tourist lodge. There is 1 comfortable wood cottage and a salt water swimming pool.

The land is 1,1ha area around the house plus 2ha of hillside with a natural spring. Fantastic mountain views!
Photo ISA250: Quinta da Foz Furtada 250,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Stylishly renovated 4 bedroom farmhouse with wooden 1 bedroom guesthouse. Terrace with outside dining area.

1 hectare terraced land bordered by a stream, with old water mill (ideal for hydro power), ponds, animal sheds and plenty of fruit trees and grapevines.
Photo LOWE350: Quinta Messines 250,000 euros
Reduced from 350,000 euros
Silves, Faro
Rare property with rustic 4 bedroom house, 100 years old. Possibility to construct an annexe.

70 hectares rolling countryside, with lemon, orange and fig trees. Paradise in Portugal!
Photo ANP250: Villa Vieria Douro House 250,000 euros

Resende, Viseu
TradiTional house for renovation with 300m2 area.

Total land area is 2800m2. 120m of river frontage. Close to Albufeira de Carrapatelo with boats dock.
Photo EDEN250: Carreiras 250,000 euros

Marvao, Portalegre
Tranquil 3 bedroom farmhouse with large patio with stunning sunset views over the Alentejo.

4 hectares of fertile fields, rocky outcrops with productive cork and olive trees. Constantly running spring water connected to the house.
Photo IMO250: Riverview House 250,000 euros

Aveiro, Aveiro
Stunning house with courtyard, on the slope of a mountain with magnificent views of the Douro River.

6,000m2 land designed for wine production, good potential for tourism.

Photo HEAL250: Gardener's Paradise 250,000 euros

Braga, Braga
Comfortable, modern 3 bedroom house with chef's kitchen, renovated using high quality materials.

11,000m2 sloping land, professionally designed to preserve native forest whilst including a space for sustainable agriculture.
Photo CLM255: Stone farmhouse 255,000 euros

Tomar, Santarem
Amazing refurbished 5 bedroom farmhouse with annexe and solar hot water.

1 hectare land with oak forest, olive, nut and fruit trees and a stone swimming tank.
Photo CPA260: Tabua Quinta 260,000 euros

Tabua, Viseu
Pretty 1 bedroom farmhouse, with adjoining 1 bedroom annexe. Ready to move into.

1.3 hectares land with well tended gardens, fruit trees. Possible to keep horses.
Photo KIN275: Alentejo Estate 275,000 euros

Mourao, Evora
Fabulous renovated 2 bedroom country house with fantastic views. Furnishings and appliances included; permission to extend if a further bedroom is required.

20 acres of land with fruit, olive and cork trees, 360 views of Alentejo countryside and Alqueva Lake within 2.5 miles.
Photo CK/JG279: Quinta do Valongo 279,000 euros

Carregal do Sal,
Great house with at least 5 bedrooms, fully furnished to a high standard with two floors and two separate apartments. Ready to move into, ideal for large family or rentals.

1 hectare of farmland with fruit trees, wells for water and pine forest for firewood.
Photo ADH285: Quinta do Ancinho 285,000 euros
Fundao, Castelo Branco
Gorgeous granite stone house, recently renovated with finishing touches being left to the buyers choice. Amazing views!

2.5 hectare quinta with vineyard, cherry orchards (income potential!), olive and fruit trees....perfect place for self sufficiency.
Photo WOOD325: Monte Novo 289,000 euros
Reduced from 325,000 euros
4 bed farmhouse with garage/workshop space. Two partially converted loft rooms which could provide a studio flat.

5.5 acres fully fenced land with equestrian facilities. Saltwater swimming pool.
Photo MORE290: Quinta da Azenha 290,000 euros

4 bed house with annexes for renovation plus building plot for 21 houses.

3,700m2 land, cowshed, dairy, warehouse with wine cellar.
Photo TURB340: Quinta dos Carris 295,000 euros
Reduced from 340,000 euros
Arcos de Valdevez, Porto
Rebuilt 19th century granite 3 bed farmhouse, completed in 2008, with large granite barn and workshop.

Set in 3000m2 of flat land, private water supply, bore hole for domestic use as well as spring water. Numerous fruit trees, bushes, kiwi hedge and fertile vegetable plot.
Photo GS295: Quinta da Tapada 295,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Stunning quinta with two houses, wooden house for guests and a workshop.

3 hectares of land including pasture ideal for horses, chicken shed and a granite swimming pool.
Photo HDC295: Horta das Canas 295,000 euros

Fantastic property with a beautifully renovated 2 bedroom stone house with outdoor sleeping area and barbecue area, and charming, insulated wooden eco-house on the same plot. Ideal rental opportunity.

3,000m2 land with orange and olive trees and a river which runs from October to May.
Photo LAK350: Casa Boa Vista 299,000 euros
Reduced from 350,000 euros
Ponte de Lima, Viana do Castelo
6 bed villa with swimming pool. Near Serra Peneda National Park.

5,000m2 land for growing fruit, vegetables and keeping chickens. Lots of fruit trees.
Photo GAT395: Quinta Vale de Marmelos 299,000 euros
Reduced from 395,000 euros
Elvas, Portalegre
Romantic 19th century farmhouse with 5 bedrooms and a library. Licensed for tourism.

2.2 hectares land with olive grove, citrus orchard, swimming pool and gardens.
Photo ESF/C300: Arega Farm 300,000 euros

Figueiro dos Vinhos, Leiria
Manor house requiring new roof and interior renovation. Good potential for rural tourism.

21,420m2 flat farmland with 3 wells and mature fruit and nut trees.
Photo JMQ400: Three Houses Farm 315,000 euros
Reduced from 370,000 euros
Pombal, Leiria
Beautiful, 6 bedroomed farmhouse with two other traditional buildings.

8000m2 land with lots of olive trees and some fruit trees.
Photo APD320: Quinta do Dragao 320,000 euros

Coimbra, Coimbra
Architect designed, 4 bedroom character property with open beam wooden ceilings and spacious farmhouse kitchen.

Mature, easily maintained grounds with grapevines (300 litres of wine annually), fruit and nut trees.
Photo CMBJ335: Quinta Sao Vincente 335,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Colourful 4 bedroom house (300m2) with unique facade, wooden shutters and lots of natural light.

6,000m2 plot of land with ancient olive trees, ideal area for horse riding, walking, biking and other outdoor pursuits.

Photo FBU345: Quinta da Alegria 345,000 euros

Arganil, Coimbra
Beautiful quinta with main house and outbuildings which were converted into a 5 bedroom en suite guest house in 2008. Large outdoor lounge area and swimming pool.

2500m2 of land with mature olive trees

Photo CAST350: Quinta dos Buxos 350,000 euros

Luso-Bucaco, Coimbra
Beautiful 5 bedroom, 300 year old house in good condition.

2 hectares of orchards and woods.
Photo MIRA350: Barbeiras 350,000 euros

Evora, Evora
Large 3 bedroom bungalow with kitchen and storage room. 500m2 warehouse for guests. Ready to move into.

7.5 hectares farmland with swimming pool and toilet/shower block.
Photo DMO365: Quinta da Ribeira 365,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
4 double bedrooms House and 2 bedrooms Cottage. Salt water swimming pool.

4 hectares of woodland and pasture, arable land, fruit trees and olive grove.
Photo ANU370: Sao Bartolomeu de Messines 370,000 euros

3 bedroom renovated farmhouse. Solar heating. Ready to move into.

1.62 hectares. 3 stables, tack room, riding arena. Fruit trees.
Photo SMAR380: Cob House 380,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Fantastic 5 bedroom ecological cob bungalow with large windows and a circular architecture.

11,160m2 land designed with permaculture principles in mind, rainwater harvest system and plans for a natural swimming pool.
Photo SCH385: Quinta Vale Pero Cosme 385,000 euros

Tabua, Coimbra
Beautiful property with 2 houses (1 with 2 self contained apartments) and 2 stone ruins for restoration.

21,005m2 land with own water source and far reaching river views.
Photo CDE390: Riverside Farm 390,000 euros

Tabua, Viseu
3 bedroomed property built in the Beira alta style includes the ruins of an 18th century mill which would make a wonderful renovation project.

Amazingly situated on the banks of the River Dao this 5.8 hectares of land is mostly wooded with cork oak, oak, beech, pine and sweet chestnut.
Photo CMBJ395: Quinta Carvalho 395,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Traditionally renovated 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom house with BBQ and swimming pool.

On a plot of 17,000m2 with ancient olive trees, a garden and a well for water. Ideal for outdoor activities.
Photo EBR395: Casa Estoi 395,000 euros

, Faro
Charming 5 bedroom house with large living room and bar area. Fabulous ocean views.

2,800m2 field with fruit trees, swimming pool and garage.
Photo FRG395: Monte de Alfarrobeira 395,000 euros

Evora, Evora
Wonderful property with two typical Alentejo houses, one main house and one Guest house. Ample swimming pool, central heating system and air conditioning.

1ha of land with olive grove, citrus and other fruit trees and a walled meadow.
Photo CT777: 19C Manor House (709/08) 400,000 euros
Reduced from 500,000 euros
Large period manor house with tourism project approved from the Director General of Tourism. Great potential for B&B establishment.

10,000m2 (2.5 acres) of land with gardens, vines, olive trees and borehole with irrigation system.
Photo HIPP460: Swiss Villa near Lake Cabril 460,000 euros

Pedrogao Grande,
Elegant, 6 bedroom, newly built villa with underfloor heating throughout and solar panels.

6,000m2 south-west facing terraces and orchard with good fertile soil and a greenhouse.
Photo DER1000: Grandola Quinta 475,000 euros
Reduced from 1000,000 euros
Grandola, Setubal
Beautiful house, ready to move in. With a fantastic bio-pool. Just 20 minutes away to the wonderful Alentejo beaches.

10ha of land. Self-sufficient in terms of water and energy.
Photo SOUS480: Douro Villa 480,000 euros

Porto, Braganca
Fabulous villa with 3 bedrooms and a swimming pool. Located in the world heritage Douro region.

10,000m2 land including vineyard, olive and fruit trees and a drip irrigation system. Lots of space for agriculture.
Photo QDE480: Quinta do Eco 480,000 euros

Peaceful, spacious 5 bedroom house with pool and storehouse. Currently used as bed and breakfast guesthouse.

1.6 hectares of partially fenced land with vegetable garden, fruit and olive trees and water wells.
Photo ERP500: Quinta Cabeca 500,000 euros

Portalegre, Portalegre
Fantastic site with 3 houses for renovation/extension. Great location with lots of Roman history.

128,500m2 land with a religious water fountain, Roman baths and a river.
Photo RB535: Quinta do Rabacal 535,000 euros
SOLD Subject to Contract
Tabua, Coimbra
Stunning riverside quinta with 5 houses beautifully restored, currently run as tourism business. Fully furnished and equipped. Solar power and own natural water supply.

5.4ha with fruit, olive and nut trees, organic garden, riverside meadow, swimming pool.
Photo RMCB550: Malpica 550,000 euros

Castelo Branco,
3 bed habitable house plus several outbuildings, barns, workshop, etc. Mains services connected. Borehole and well.

73.8 hectares land with pasture, grape vines, fruit, olive and oak trees. 5 dams.
Photo VAZ550: Village Farm 550,000 euros

Torres Vedras, Lisbon
Restored 3 bedroom farmhouse with attached 100m2 house (also restored) with the possibility to construct further homes on the land.

9,590m2 land with a vineyard and orchard. Quiet location.
Photo KRA550: Riba Tejo Vineyard 550,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Productive quinta/vineyard with spacious 3 bedroom house, large barn, dog area and equestrian facilities.

8 hectares fully fenced land with established vineyard, cork trees, olive grove - lots of income opportunities!

Photo MCO570: Quinta da Loureiro 570,000 euros

Avo, Coimbra
Beautiful one of a kind farm with 3 bedroom modern house, 2 rustic wooden apartments, swimming pool and jacuzzi.

Land with around 60 fruit trees, firewood trees, boreholes and water storage tank.
Photo COLL575: Quinta Elenora 575,000 euros

Loule, Faro
Traditional 5 bedroom farmhouse with original characteristics. Some further ruins for reconstruction if desired.

6,500m2 land with stables, tack room/garage, workroom, greenhouse and a fabulous covered outdoors swimming pool.
Photo LEX749: Riverview Villa 639,000 euros

Arganil, Coimbra
Fabulous one of a kind villa with 3 apartments attached to the main building, currently run as a bed and breakfast.

16,625m2 land including gardens, orchard, forest and river frontage with olive trees.
Photo GDC650: Ecological farm 650,000 euros

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco
Two houses totally renovated with natural materials.

About 2,5ha of agricultural land and forest.

Ideal for permaculture, biological or biodynamics farming.
Photo ESF/F650: Manor house 650,000 euros

Pedrogao Grande,
Amazing quinta with a 6 bed manor house and a smaller 3 bed house.

1.2 hectares of fertile, flat land with olive and fruit trees.
Photo SERR830: Rural Guesthouse 670,000 euros
Reduced from 830,000 euros
Odemira, Beja
Fully equiped and decorated guesthouse (400m2) close to the beach.

7,7ha property with 6ha of young pine forest.

A good oportunity to run a business that is already working with success!
Photo AKER700: Casa Covas 700,000 euros

Vila Nova de Cerveira,
Stunning holiday rental farm with 4/5 bedroom main house, 2 cottages, 2 yurts and a swimming pool. Possible to just buy part of the farm as it is made up of several pieces.

11,000m2 land with planning permission for a 2 bedroom bungalow. Mature terraced gardens with olive trees and facilities for 3 horses.
Photo NAS700: Quinta de Barroes 700,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Large 5 bedroom farmhouse with smaller, separate 2 bedroom house. May be possible to join the houses together or split into 3 houses.

30 hectares of land with equestrian facilities for 5 horses, lake and cork trees.
Photo AIR750: Eco Village Plot 750,000 euros

Mirandela, Braganca
Beautiful plot with an Architectural Project Plan approved for an eco village of 30,000m2.

The entire plot measures 6 hectares and is close to a lake and has fantastic views.
Photo AUST840: Waterfront Villa & Slipway 775,000 euros
Reduced from 840,000 euros
Stunning 6 bedroom villa on / overlooking the River Minho / Spain. Above the flood plain but with private direct river gate access.

2.6 Acres of secure walled / fenced land, plus adjacent building land / horse field / paddock field available.
Photo AVES800: Canto das Aves 800,000 euros

Povoa de Lanhoso, Braga
One bedroom house ready to live in. One main house partialy renovated plus several ruins for renovation. All granite buildings with the traditional characteristics of the region.

5ha of flat land producing certified organic agriculture since 2007 with all the necessary infrastructures availabale.
Photo BENN850: Riverside Estate 850,000 euros

Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra
Historic watermill tourism estate with private home and 5 self catering apartments.

1.6 hectares riverside land with salt water pool, sauna, kiwis, lemons and grapevines. An oasis of tranquility!
Photo RES1300: Quinta dos Carvalhais 900,000 euros
Reduced from 1,300,000 euros
Braga, Braga
Beautiful extensive farm with two houses with solar power (3 and 4 bedrooms), historical chapel and traditional grain store.

Set on a 2.5 acre farm with swimming pool and a further 13.75 acres of forest and cultivated land nearby.
Photo HIPP980: Lake Estate in Swiss Quality 980,000 euros

Pedrogao Grande,
Elegant, 12 bedroom, Swiss-crafted villa with two apartments and a guesthouse built with natural, high quality materials.

10,500m2 terraced land with an established orchard and large greenhouse for growing vegetables all year round. Ideal self sufficiency opportunity.
Photo TSC1200: Florzinha 980,000 euros

Abrantes, Santarem
Fabulous renovated holiday apartments, with further buildings for renovation.

9.5 hectares land with swimming pool, fruit, nut and olive trees.
Photo RMCB1250: Penamacor 1,250,000 euros

5 bedroom stone house plus 500m2 stone-built agricultural buildings. All services connected.

305 hectares land with pasture, 60ha of olives, pine and eucalyptus trees.
Photo FON1500: Quinta das Fontainhas 1,500,000 euros

Beja, Beja
Stunning 19th century property, main building, with 13 rooms (7 bedrooms), has been refurbished to a high standard. Many annexes.

Fully walled and surrounded by around 100 olive trees. Walled garden with fountain, statues and old pool.
Photo CT2250: Manor House (704/08) 2,250,000 euros

Tomar, Santarem
Historic estate with manor house, 6 refurbished guest cottages, banqueting hall, garage, cottages for renovation, annexes and farm buildings.

1.64 hectares with orange grove, cork trees, and agricultural land growing a variety of crops.
Photo VASC3000: Monte Aguentinha Campo 3,000,000 euros

Beja, Beja
Amazing property located in the heart of the Alentejo. Touristic, functional Equestrian Farm with livestock and being sold as a business and fully equipped with a broad range of infrastructures in excellent conditions.

Total area of about 150 hectares, with 40 hectares of olive groves and 50 hectares of cork.

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