KTH5: Serrasqueira Ruin

Castelo Branco, Castelo Branco



Small ruin for renovation on a 300m2 plot.

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Property Description

Small ruin for renovation located in the beautiful village of Serrasqueira in the Freguesia of Sarzedas in central Portugal. The building is a registered urbano (habitation).

It has one floor comprising two rooms and a hallway. The roof has recently been taken down but the antique tiles which made it up have been stacked in the property. Three metal doors in their frames are still in situ, including the front door.

Note: The front door is secured with a piece of string so interested parties can view this at leisure without the need for keyholders etc..

The door leads into the first room which contains the remains of a fireplace. The other two doors are stiff but still working though the one which leads through to the second room is locked. However it is easy to get into this room if needed as there is no roof in place.

The two rooms are each about 12m2. At the rear of the property is approx. 300m2 of land. It is currently not cultivated but surrounding plots are clearly in use and are being successfully farmed, so you can see the potential. There are two fruit trees on the property; I believe these to be fig (a large, mature tree) and quince (smaller but still bearing fruit).

This would make a fine plot for small-scale cultivation and/or animal husbandry. With a bigger amount of work, love and patience it can be converted into a cozy home.

You can see in the pictures that there is a water tank at the end of the plot; this is not part of the plot and belongs to a neighbour, but marks clearly where the plot ends.

Please note that the pictures shown were taken over two trips, in October (dry grass and fruiting trees) and January (green grass and empty trees). The village of Serrasqueira mostly comprises traditional Portuguese small farms and houses and has a population of around a hundred people. It is around 20 minutes drive from the modern city of Castelo Branco. Shops and services are available in many local villages and small towns in the region.

Property Location

For owner privacy, map may not show exact location of the property.

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